The Day We Fight Back

So what is ‘The Day We Fight Back’ ?

Websites around the world are staging an internet protest against government surveillance.  I don’t know everything that is happening in other countries, but I know what is happening here in New Zealand.

Our, in my honest opinion, egotistical, corporation loving, bend over so America can FUCK us Government [and Prime Minister] last year passed a bill – under urgency – so that they could sneak it in with little consultation because America wanted it.

Seems that New Zealand is no longer a democracy. This saddens me. Our PM has been crying long and loud about how we need these new spying powers to protect us from terrorists.

Come on ??? In today’s climate of fear people fall for this bunkum. We do not need this level of spying powers to protect us. Especially when officials can do this wholesale before they have any reasonable evidence that someone has committed an act that makes them worth investigating.

No government should have the right to spy on everyone and anyone just because they can.

I recently watched an interview with Edward Snowden. He discloses during it how government officials admit they want him dead, where they fantasize about how they would like to murder him. He also outlines exactly what has happened in the past, and what can still happen in the future. I hope you will watch it…

America’s Spies Want Edward Snowden Dead

“I would love to put a bullet in his head,” one Pentagon official told BuzzFeed. The NSA leaker is enemy No. 1 among those inside the intelligence world. – Buzzfeed.

This German TV interview has been pointedly ignored by most media outlets. Doesn’t surprise me. I know that some New Zealand media outlets are completely in the pocket of our government. Every day they ignore important issues that most New Zealanders don’t know are occurring so that they can report on the latest Justin Bieber train wreck.

Saying if you have nothing to hide, you have no reason to fear these laws is not enough. Edward Snowden is one of the most important people of my time. In my opinion he is also one of the bravest. Knowing in advance the cost, he still went forward, so that we would know the extent of the spying that is already occurring.

Today…some people are standing up and saying enough is enough.

I can’t post the form here…but by going to the ‘Day We Fight Back’ website you can register your protest.

Today’s protests are not confined to the readily available world of internet. More than a dozen protest events are happening worldwide. From countries such as Denmark, Costa Rica and Serbia to Stockholm.There are street theater events taking place in some US cities. If you are in San Francisco you’ll be seeing masses of people helping with the projection of an anti-surveillance image onto the side of an AT&T building. This will be happening as a speech is given by one of its former technicians, whistleblower Mark Klein.


  1. Thank you for your post, Jo! Although Snowden broke his oath of secrecy, I believe that over-riding concerns about government wrong-doing, caused him to break this oath. To break an oath is a serious thing! I admire Chelsea Manning, born Edward Bradley Manning also. These people are martyrs to the modern-day horror of government intrusion envisioned by such geniuses as Orwell and Huxley.


    1. Sometimes I think you have to do what is against what you agreed to. People all too often just sit by and let wrong doing continue to happen because that is what governments ‘do’.


  2. I listened to part of the vid, Jo, mostly because I’d never heard of Snowdon and had no real idea what it was about. I’m so not a political animal but I have respect for those who are politically aware. It’s a very strange world in which we live. Thanks for extending my knowledge.


  3. I so agree Jo, its on every street corner here we have camera’s, phone tapping, emails, you name it…they are afraid of US.. lol… yes little old public… because the worm will turn… We are all burying up to the surface.. waking up to the world.. and Yes we will fight back…. and when that day arrives is what the surveillance is all about …
    Big hugs..
    Sue xox


      1. I will make you laugh now, I was parking my car in the car park as I heard the camera whir around and tip down to focus on me, it had to almost tip 90 degrees or what ever, as I was nearly under the camera, so I smiled sweetly and blew them a kiss! the camera then did a funny thing ( it was one of those square mounted surveillance ones) It nodded back, I never laughed so much., haha…. Have a great Day and turn your Grrrs into laughter that they feel so insecure about US… 😉


          1. 🙂 either blow them a kiss or stick your tongue out… But I felt in a generous spirit that day.. haha… It was so so funny back though as the Camera nodded up and down.. hehe.. xx


          2. Well they are only human like you and I… A friend who once worked in textiles like me, when she was made redundant her daughter worked in the police force, she helped steer her into a job looking at those screens from the camera’s to spot traffic or fights in town etc..
            The Camera’s if you notice some of them have a little speaker attached to them.. This is to play high pitched sounds to break up teens or its supposed to lol ..
            My friend said she would love one with a Mike control so she could blast out and tell them what she thought of the youth spitting, littering, breaking into cars, and etc… She would probable would have used a few choice words too hehe… Its good to laugh… We are getting so caught up in Drama’s that we don’t own.. Hugs Jo.. Sue xxx


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