One trip EVERY Month: Exploring My New Zealand

I just love Marianne’s new challenge idea.


Making the effort to explore somewhere new every month. Big, little, the size of the trip doesn’t matter. Just opening yourself to a new place is the challenge. Well this month I went to a festival that happens every year in Katikati. I have often thought about going but never made it.

2014 was the year I finally made it.

So here are some images from the 2014 Katikati Avocado Food & Wine Festival.

My beautiful friend Celia treated me to a wonderful outing. While she tried the venison…

Katikati 2014 Avocado Food& Wine Festival

I had a delicious maple syrup crepe.

We both enjoyed a glass of wine…my choice…the Pinot Gris. Very easily downed.

Katikati 2014 Avocado Food& Wine Festival

There was music…

Paul and Penny entertained the crowd with Celtic music.

Katikati 2014 Avocado Food& Wine Festival

The Reevers had some of the crowd up dancing.

Katikati 2014 Avocado Food& Wine Festival

It was a great chance to catch up with my old doctor who sadly has moved on to a new practise.

Katikati 2014 Avocado Food& Wine Festival

Luckily the new doctor is pretty cool as well, and for the first time in decades she’s a she !!

Katikati 2014 Avocado Food& Wine Festival

Some of our younger generation also provided what was amazing entertainment. Lorde would have loved their rendition of Royals.

Katikati turned on a beautiful day and the crowds came out for loads of fun, the odd catchup with old friends, and the chance to make some new ones.

Not bad for a small rural town with a population of around 4,000 I’d say.



  1. Looks like a good beginning to the year, Jo πŸ™‚
    Coming here, I realised you have the same layout as Jude. I was just admiring hers earlier on. I’ve been playing a bit, in search of a new look so taking note of these things.


    1. We are lucky. For all the crap that goes on here…I still love living here.Tomorrow I am heading up to an Auckland beach I have never been to before…might be February’s challenge I think.


  2. I love your mix of colour and black and white photography here Jo !
    A great rousing party by the looks of it ..did you let your hair down πŸ˜‰


    1. No…no avocados. But that is because I have so many friends who keep me constantly supplied with them in season. On the weekend I took a HUGE bag of them up to the kids in Auckland. But I did try the avocado oil…wonderful stuff. And I tried Liquorice Fudge. A new one on me…but oh so yummy. I am crazy about liquorice. Can never get enough of the stuff.


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