Penis facts and pehaps fiction…

1. Human penises USED to have spines. No one is sure why they disappeared, but it was before modern humans and Neanderthals split to go their own ways. Cats and rats [among a few] still have penile spines, though once castrated these apparently seem to disappear in some cases. Interesting.

2. According to urban legend if you plan to swim in South America, particularly in the Amazon…watch out guys. The Candiru, a small, scaleless, eel like catfish loves to swim up the urethra. Once there it uses its spines to keep itself firmly in place so it can access the blood supply. Possible side effects of this happening include inflammation, bleeding and the big one…death. Is it true?? Hard to find any real evidence but if you are there, and want to pee, maybe do it inside…just in case.

3. Diphallus is a rare congenital anomaly where the penis [or the clitoris apparently] comes in two. Usually only one functions properly apparently, and the second one is not always fully formed. I gather from the literature that most men are not pleased with having double the capacity.

4. Angel Lust is a postmortem erection. This has been observed in men who have been executed, particularly in hangings. Which is thought to be behind the trend to indulge in auto erotica. The Roman Catholic Church is said to have suppressed art images of Jesus Christ on the cross with an erection that were painted in the Renaissance period.

5. I shall never look at the humble corn flake quite the same again. Dr Kellogg is said to have spent a great deal of time and effort in producing food that would not only be nutritious but that would decrease any interest in sex. He considered that all disease stemmed from sexual intercourse and was determined to save the world.


  1. Laughing at Dr Cornflake LOL… Hehe.. and yes heard about the little swimmer that swims where it shouldn’t…

    Hope you had a great Christmas Jo and wishing you a great New Year! Happy 2014 …. πŸ™‚ Sue


    1. Some people are so weird. I had a lovely Christmas. Just with The Daughter this year, but The Son and His Girlfriend came down later for a few days which was really lovely.


  2. NO.5 No more cornflakes for me πŸ™‚
    NO.3 is where the name Lady boys comes from, they are woman with a penis.
    no.4 seen hundreds of bodies of dead men but never one executed.
    NO.2 never pee into a river or pool in those countries there is a worm which will swim up the urine into the penis.

    Nice change to the blog JO, only one change I would make, get rid of the tags, its seen as spamming by the search engines according to the forum.


    1. I like the changes too, but keep the tags!
      It’s only seen as spamming by search engines if you tag the post with irrelevant stuff, for example if you would have tagged this post “Justin Biebers new album”, “Justin Biebers Penis” or something like that.


  3. I saw on a documentary that Kellogg claimed his corn flakes could cure masturbation. What a boring wanker he must have been!

    Jesus Christ on the cross with an erection – now that’s something I would have liked to see. Unfortunately the church has always been boring wankers.


  4. Really interesting stuff here! I especially like the one about postmortem erections. I find it fascinating that the church wouldn’t allow the images. It is just an erection… its going to be okay. Ha. Thanks for sharing!


  5. Hey, re: Dr Kellog: what else would you expect but a corny theory from a flak(e)y guy? LOL
    Oh yeas, and did you intentionally write: “PENIS FACTS AND PEHAPS FICTION…”?
    If so, I’m curious to know, if it’s not “perhaps” misspelt, how on earth one pronounces “pehaps”–peehaps, I presume…LOL
    PS: Happy New Year 2014 ❀


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