The Power of Collective Creativity

Corina says that: “The point is that Art has POWER.” I watched the video contained in this post and felt a lump…a lump that came from hope. I hope you will watch it and feel the same emotion.

~ Dragon's Dreams ~

As creative individuals, it’s rewarding when we can use our skills to make something that “speaks” to others. Whether it’s the written word, the visual arts, music or performance arts, “The Arts” have always been a way to make powerful statements about politics, religion, war, the environment. It’s a way to make your own opinion known about these and other things that usually embody a very personal, individual set of beliefs or values. It has been said that any “successful” piece of art is one that evokes an emotional response (be it good or bad).

Throughout history, there are scads of examples of “The Arts” changing the world in some way. I’m not just talking about changing the “Art World”, though there are plenty of examples of that, too. But consider things like cave paintings. Once discovered, they completely changed the way that modern mankind viewed our cave-dwelling ancestors! Or…

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14 thoughts on “The Power of Collective Creativity”

  1. Jo thank you for sharing, what a lovely post.. Just shows as people connect together the power of collective thoughts and consciousness is having an impact.. 🙂

    Love your new theme, too. 🙂 Hugs to you


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