Travel Theme: Still

No one does ‘still’ quite like my Charlie…

sleeping cat

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Travel Theme: Still


    1. He is working on perfecting it Angeline…gets in loads of practise. But then…he needs it…when he is NOT still he is a whirlwind that is almost terrifying to watch.


    1. He had a big morning and it was REALLY, REALLY hot at that moment. My bed was one of the few cool places in the house. I changed AFTER I saw yours Gilly. It looked so good…still trying to work out the kinks though. You get sooo used to doing things a certain way and when you change it is confusing.

      Glad you like the header. I found that wall by accident when I was in Tauranga. I love graffiti. Especially when it is done well.


    1. Yep…last night he scared the crap out of me. Watching a movie in bed…Charlie curled up next to my thigh…them boom. He flew up on to my chest, over my head and then bamm on the floor. No idea what happened or what scared him but he sure got my attention.


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