RIP Nelson Mandela


When I read Nelson Mandela’s book The Long Walk to Freedom I understood what greatness actually was for the first time in my life. Trust me…if you have never read this book…you NEED to.

When traveling through Africa many years ago I was privileged to see the legacy that Nelson Mandela had set in place for the day he passed from us.

Sadly today is that day.

Many spout about ideals.

Many say we need to make this world a better place.

Very few people in this world actually put this in to practise. Especially when it comes at a cost to themselves.

Nelson Mandela was one of those few individuals.

I am grateful he was born.

I am grateful he lived the life he did.

And my tears at his passing are not for him. They are for the many who never took his words to heart or put them to action. For they are truly the lost ones.

RIP Madiba.

“Death is something inevitable. When a man has done what he considers to be his duty to his people and his country, he can rest in peace. I believe I have made that effort and that is, therefore, why I will sleep for the eternity.” ~ Nelson Mandela 1996 Hamba Kahle Tata


          1. Me too. I read 3rd Eye Mom’s post about charity and it got me to thinking about a charity started by 2 young brothers in Canada. I googled them and found out most young kids and teens are now seeing unjustice and standing up to do something about it. They are starting organisations to help. Just the other day I heard about a young boy being bullied and teased for wearing a shirt and tie to school. Other older boys heard about it, so they ALL DRESSED in shirt in tie to support him and stop the other kids from seeing him as different. How cool is that?


          2. Wow…that really is cool. Kids, when given the chance, can always doo the right thing, and often that is exactly what they choose to do. They give me hope.


          3. Kids today aren’t really much different to us as kids, or our parents. They push boundaries [albeit different boundaries than my generation had], but we forget that too often. Given the right tools for life they can do amazing things.


          4. In uni my prof read a quote about the troublesome kids today and when he showed us the author we were shocked to see it was from an ancient philospher (socrotes or aristole maybe?) anyway it is as you say… each generation of kids will do things we don’t agree with, push and challenge boundries and also do great things to become the new leaders in the future. Guess it is all about balances… and even kids just finding their way.


          5. I agree with that. I get a bit exasperated at people going on and on about kids today. I just try to remind them of some of the dumb shit they did while their risk taking part of their brain was still in its formulation process. I would have been disappointed if my kids hadn’t pushed against the boundaries.

            Though when The Daughter and I went to Sydney for a family visit and I caught up with friends one night I was a bit red faced at one’s comment to her: “Whatever you are thinking of trying to pull,” he said. “Just realise…YOUR mother has already pulled it.”

            There went my image completely…hehehehe


          6. LOL 😉
            I agree kids will try and push and see how far they can go. Even with 5 and 6 year olds I deal with it every day. They get the teacher look from me and usually that is enough 😉


  1. I actually hadn’t heard Jo, but even though I suspected this day would come sooner than later, it’s still very sad news to hear. Mandela was a true friend to mankind. May he RIP!


  2. Very very sad news. When my son told me, I had to go and check to see if it was true.

    He was an ordinary man with extraordinary ideals.


      1. He will be. I have been following the procession of his coffin. It was also surprising to see his ex and his widow comforting each other


        1. But isn’t it wonderful. I have loved how he has managed to stay close to Winnie…and that there seems to be a bond between both her and his new wife. People can still amaze and delight me at times.


          1. I know that feeling. Now mine are grown I don’t have to have contact – thank God !!! The ‘ex’ is a luny IMHO !!!! And a sneaky, nasty one at that !!!!


          2. Mine was too. I should have expected it…it ran in his family. 😉
            But I only found out after I left. Got him one in the balls with the kiddywinkles art set…man that felt good.


          3. She cheated once not long after the incident that left me unable to walk properly, so I forgave her for that. Then She met someone when she was away 6 years later. I kicked her for that and later found out that she kept taking men back to other people’s houses.


    1. Thanks Toni…look at you !! Your very own gravatar…I am impressed. Next you’ll be blogging. Maybe you could do a jewellery blog with all your creations. Are you still making them ???


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