Bound…ing all over the place.

The Daughter was home on the weekend and we got to talking.

One of the conversations was about Kanye‘s”Bound 2’ video with his lady Kim. The Daughter tells me that Kanye is actually a genius with his latest album. As I am not a real HIP HOP fan, though I did like some of Eminem‘s music, I will have to take her word for it. I will say this…this song is actually growing on me after listening to it a few times to get everything together for this blog post.

Who knows…I may end up a Kanye fan yet.

BUT…oh yes here is the but…

The Daughter showed me this parody by Seth Rogen and James Franco.

I almost peed my pants with laughter.

It is so good !!

Clever, funny, and they really nailed getting it all to be an exact replica of Bound 2…except of course for James not being African-American, and Seth Rogan having a rather hairy back…and of course quite a different type of equipment both downstairs and up front.

So that you can compare…here is the Kanye version.

Now people…which version is your favourite ???



  1. Love Kanye’s music and his original video is my favourite. Absolutely crazy about those horses too. Lovely post hon. πŸ˜€ *hugs*


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