CBBH Challenge: Looking Down

This week I went out for the first time of the season on to the water. Not many fish…though I did catch one. Dinner was truly scrumptious I can tell you. Simple but delish…panfried snapper in butter with a little Himalayan salt and pepper and lemon juice.

It was exactly what I needed after what has been a difficult few months.

Looking down in to the water I saw, for the time in New Zealand, a bunch of these guys. While I have since heard from friends of them stinging both people and horses they were incredibly beautiful to watch.

jellyfishI haven’t worked out what type they are yet. We get the Lion’s Mane Jellyfish and the Spotted Jellyfish here. I think they may be these two types, but if anyone out there is a Jellyfish expert…wade in and tell me what they are. PLEASE !!!!

As an aside…recently off the Australian coast what was thought to be an extinct jellyfish has been found. Not too sure how I feel about this. As growing up in Australia I was all to aware of the deadly Box Jellyfish.

The Box jellyfish
The Box jellyfish

It seems this guy is even more deadly. The Crambione Cookii Monster was last seen back in 1910.

Now as for my two blogs.

  1. Oil Free Seas Flotilla – We are doing battle with our government at the moment over them not only allowing but encouraging deep sea oil drilling. The government recently made it illegal to get within 500 metres of any drilling ship. New Zealand has a proud history of protest at sea and this law is just a farce. Anardarko is currently exploring off the New Zealand coastline and law or no law…the little Kiwi battler is not going to be silenced. This blog is a day to day account of David taking on Goliath.
  2. Health Extremist – As you all know being healthy is a number 1 priority for me and this blog has some great info on all types of issues as well as great ideas.

Now…that is it for me. I am off to paint some tyres for my potato towers.

Might I suggest you hop on the bunny below and go visit Marianne and check out not only her post but many others.

Conejo Blanco


  1. These creatures are strangely beautiful but I can’t help wondering, why? How did something like this evolve? They must have a place in the great scheme, but why is that form and why so dangerous? fascinating Jo thanks for sharing and watchout in that water!


    1. I will Gilly. A friend had one wrap itself around her daughter’s horse’s leg. Caused all sorts of problems. Isn’t nature just so weird at times. I wish I knew the why too.


  2. Great photo’s Jo, I don’t go swimming in the sea, one the Sea around the UK is not all that warm or clean! although some beaches have got better ratings over the years.. And two, although I have swam in the ocean on holiday abroad, I would not like to think of these fellows swimming along side…
    I remember my Dad here in the UK when I was little treading on a jelly fish in shallow water, his foot came up twice the size and it was a painful experience,..

    Happy Swimming! and take care πŸ™‚


  3. OOHHHHH cool pix, Jo! Dangerous creatures but strangely beautiful. I can understand your fascination.

    When we visited the Great Barrier Reef a couple of years ago, we had to wear Stinger Suits when we went snorkelling over the reef – and there was a guy watching out for Blue Bottles for the group’s protection. (FYI … Blue bottles are flies in the UK!!)

    Thanks for the links – I’ll hop over there, right away πŸ™‚


  4. They are beautiful to watch and I wish I knew more about them. I do know, to stay away if I’m in the water. I hear it hurts like heck. Happy tyre painting!


  5. Those are called egg drop soup. I’m kidding. Those are called beautiful jellyfish, or in short …. (nevermind). Looks like challengings shots for you to take. Great job, Jo!


  6. Awesome pics, Jo! I *think* your jellies are as follows, from top: Leopard jellyfish, Spotted Jellyfish and Lion’s mane. The Leopard jelly is actually a relatively new discovery for science, which would make your picture even more exciting! If you really want to know for sure, you might consider sending a quick question to this guy: http://www.jellyfishaquarist.com/category/jelly-id/ (He is on WordPress, too.) πŸ™‚ The coolest jellyfish I ever saw was when my dad, my brother and I took a small rowboat out into Puget Sound. We were bottom fishing by some kelp beds and passed by this HUGE Man-o-War Jellyfish! The bell was close to 2 feet across and it was gorgeous.


    1. Wow…that must have been a sight. I would love to see one of those [definitely from a safe place though]. I went to the blog and left a link back to the images. Hopefully I will get an answer.


  7. I know they’re fascinating creatures but they give me goosebumps. Ever since I had to treat some people at an emergency room way back when, after having been stung multiple times by these….no thanks. I would shy away instantly. But, they are strangely attractive.


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