Weekly Photo Challenge: Layers

These days I find myself trying to eat healthy. That means growing my own veges when possible to take control of what goes not only in my body but what is on my food. So for the first time I am growing potatoes…in tyres.

tyre potatoes

So far this is the first layer. Soon the second tyres will be added. I did do some research about leeching from the tyres and with lining and making sure the tyres are not breaking down I think I am safe.

I am already busy painting the second layer of tyres. And once the potatoes are harvested I can throw the soil on to parts of my garden that will not be used for potatoes next year.

tyre potatoesCharlie likes the quiet pastel shades I think.

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    1. Glad you like it Al. I am doing okay…just had a bit of stuff to deal with these last couple of months. Thank you for missing my posts. That actually makes me feel good. Hopefully soon all will be on an even keel again sooner rather than later and I will be here more often.


  1. Admiring of your green efforts, Jo, and they look pretty too.
    I guess you’re blogging less these days and focussing on other things? Hope life is being kind to you. πŸ™‚


    1. Thanks Jo. Had a few things I had to deal with over the last few months. I am hoping that soon all we be back in its allocated place in my life and I can focus on the things I want to again.


  2. Like everyone else, I’ve missed your posts and I hope things are okay on your end. Love your potato tires. Brilliant idea and Charlie has great taste. What a stunning cat!


  3. I echo other’s sentiments and I have missed your posts, my friend.
    You know how to make tires look good! Great idea BTW…discarded tires are such an eyesore and it’s great to see you have found a use for them!
    Take care and hope you are back on track soon!


    1. Thanks Sue. The blogging world is such a delight. What wonderful, generous people there are out there always supporting me. I feel very lucky to have found such a place.

      As to the tyres…I am thrilled with how they are coming along.


    1. Thanks Sharon. I had some old jars of paint samples for a project I never actually did. Thought the pastels might make them pretty…and I read that leaving them black can make the soil too hot.

      As for space…the tyres turn in to tyre towers so I am hoping that provides enough space for them.


    1. Thanks my friend. Just hit a speedbump or two lately…but things are finding their way back to their regular places. I love the way the blogging world is so supportive.


  4. Hi there! Looks like you have now been officially been made aware that we have all missed you. Isn’t this WordPress family great?
    Your gardens in the round are lovely! Who ever would have thought that tires could look so pretty.


    1. I water them every day. One of the reason I painted the tyres was because apparently if you leave them black it can get too hot in there for them. And I love that by adding layers as they grow you get I long line of potatoes…how clever !!!


  5. This is actually very interesting. I wonder if it’s deep enough to grow potatoes in tyres?
    I once grew potatoes in the sand box placed in the back yard of the building complex. I mixed the sand with earth. They didn’t grow much, partly because of the sandy conditions, but also because there was almost no sunlight in that backyard.

    It’s a good idea to grow the potatoes separated from the garden so that, like you point out, you can use the soil on other parts next year. I believe I’ve read somewhere that for carrot there’s a 7 year cycle on the soil!


    1. Wow – 7 years. I know that with potatoes it is 3, same with tomatoes and strawberries. I found that out the hard way with strawberries. Last year I think I had a handful from all my plants. This year I moved them and have had a bunch already.
      This is my first harvest of the season.
      As for the tyre potatoes…you keep adding tyres to the tower when the shoots reach a certain height. Adding more soil as you go. I think I will stop at three tyres. This way they grow in like a line down through the tyres apparently. At least that is the theory…I will let you know if it works. Then you wait til the shoots yellow and take the tyres apart to get to the potatoes.


  6. Such delicious food goodies Jo ! Charlie looks amazing in that fabulous photo .
    Glad to hear you’ll be around more soon like everyone else have missed you x


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