CBBH Photo Challenge: PAIRS

So I have been playing with my new macro lens and trying to teach myself how to make it work. A friend gave me these beautiful poppies the other day, and I thought they would make great test subjects.

yellow poppies

white poppies

red poppies

Now might be a good time to head over to Marianne’s and check out some more CBBH Photo Challenge:Β PAIRS

Conejo BlancoOops…I have to do an edit here. I forgot to mention two blogs, so here goes.


    1. I dragged a jacket out of Jess’s closet [yes I still have a closet for her and Den…full of stuff], and hung it on a chair for the background. So glad you liked it Miss Toni !!!!


  1. You know and we know, and you know that we know, that you need not practice for a macro lens. πŸ˜€ You see, your air-quote practice shots are already there.


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