Weekly Photo Challenge: From Lines To Patterns

I love the lines and patterns of my wee boy Charlie !
The beautiful lines of the eyelashes frames the patterns of the reflected grass in the eye.
The beautiful lines of the eyelashes frames the patterns of the reflected grass in the eye.

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    1. Lots on. Getting rid of a ‘crazy boarder’.Getting a new one in. Working on an online business with a friend. Trying to get things organised with the house so I can sell. The Daughter got me a Kindle Fire e-reader for my birthday. I knew there was a reason I had her…hehehehehe. I love it so much. ALL those books at my fingertips…what a wonderful world.


      1. Blimey no wonder you haven’t been posting! Well at least you know you’re missed honey, take it easy 🙂
        I keep toying with the idea of a kindle, use the phone app when I need a particular book instantly but that’s it so far.


        1. Oh Gilly…get one. It is wonderful. The Daughter said I must tell everyone it is also HD. Movies are awesome on it. And with the kindle fire you can get e-mail, facebook and so on. I have put skype on it so that I use it if I go away and don’t want the laptop to go too. It even has a bloody camera on it. It is like having a mini computer. It even has documents so if you have a moment of inspiration you can write on it. Not that I would use it for a book, but I am sooooo in love.


    1. I know…been a bit absent lately. Not that I want to be…but life sometimes just gets in the way. Trying to get organised and back online though. So glad you popped in to say hi. I will get around to catching up with you on your blog. It isn’t because I don’t want to I promise.


    1. Hey Tom…great to see you here. He is a beauty is my boy…if also a bit naughty. He thinks he is a tiger. He is the spitting image of his Mum, except she is grey. But the markings are identical…weird hey !!!


      1. When I first saw the image, I thought he was a tiger too… I have to say that there’s something really endearing about naughty cats. They think they can do it, and, well… do. We really could learn a lot!!!


  1. Jo,
    Charlie looks like he is at least part bengal! He is beautiful!
    I just got a kindle HD as an early birthday present for myself, but I haven’t figured out how to use it yet! 😦 Just got to spend some time with it, I guess. Glad you love it…hopefully I will too once I figure it out.


    1. I haven’t worked it all out either Sue. Weird how there are no instructions with it on paper…guess that makes sense though…hehehehe. Now I just need to get more books on it.


  2. such gorgeous animals with their lovely natural lines! good to catch up on all your news Jo … S has a Kindle but I read on the iPad … although I prefer the Kindle which is kinder to my eyes 🙂


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