Italian Black Rice Nasi Goreng with Cashew Sauce.

My friend Michell is a bundle of all sorts of great things. She was actually the person who got me online and blogging. She goes with me to protest marches, beach hops, dries my tears when I am sad and giggles with me when I am being a bit of a nong.

woman's portrait
She is giving me that “OMG…what has she come up with now” look !!

She is also Misty’s Mum.

American Ragdoll CatThe other day she introduced me to Italian Black Rice.


I used it last night to make my own version of Nasi Goreng.

Success !!!!!

I cooked the rice for twenty minutes then let it sit for ten. After this I rinsed and drained it well. In the meantime I sautéed the prawn cutlets until nicely brown, then added diced veges, For this one I used peas, carrots, corn and some sliced chilli. You could use anything that you want really. Next time I might add some sliced beans and broccoli to it. Once they were cooked [but still crunchy…I hate soggy veges] I added the rice. The rice should be cold and as dry as you can get it when you add it. Then I cheated and used a packet Nasi Goreng paste mix I love that contains none of the foods that are off my list for now. I mixed that in well and fried on a reasonably moderate heat for about twenty minutes.

During that time I blended about 1 cup of coconut milk with about 150 grams of cashews and a clove of garlic, blending it really well after my last experience. This I then put in a pan and added a teaspoon of gluten free flour and thickened it slowly.

Once the rice was cooked and had a bit of crunch to it, I served it up, added sliced tomatoes, the cashew sauce and dug in. Next time I hope not to forget to slice and throw on some spring onion with the tomato. Which will be tonight as there are leftovers.

Vegan Nasi Goreng with Cashew SauceYIPPEE…because it was amazing. Yummy, yummy, yummy !!!!!!!

Vegan Nasi GorengCan’t wait for dinner tonight !!


    1. Yep I am lucky with Michelle…she really is a great friend. Day 16 today so only two weeks to go. It has not been as difficult as I thought…so yep…going reasonably well.


  1. You are truly blessed to have a beautiful and caring friend like that Jo and her cat is adorable! Dinner looks great! 😀 *hugs*


  2. I would like to be your handkerchief when you cry. Owwww …. 😀
    But sorry, Jo. Had to be honest with my comment. That doesn’t look like MY kind of meal.


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