Some thoughts and a few cute fur babies.

Yesterday I told you I was taking part in a march against animal testing. No one from the government in power here bothered to attend any of the marches to address people’s concerns. Though with this government it sadly does not surprise me.

My country is going down the gurgler in many areas and many of the people I think feel they can’t stop it so why bother to try.  Our Prime Minister seems to think that the novel 1984 is a handbook on how to run New Zealand. The alternative isn’t that much better either. What happens to politicians ? Many enter the political arena with high ideals. Very few seem to retain those ideals once they feel the power. The media doesn’t help. Often treating them like celebrities. One of our local MPs is a prime example of ego run rampant.

Greenpeace erected a billboard of this MP after claiming he lied to Parliament about meeting with oil companies prior to a bill being passed that stopped Kiwis from protesting at sea against deep sea oil drilling along our coast.

Mr Bridges reaction…at a press conference he said:

“Ha,” when informed about the billboard. “Well, forests on fire. Actually.”

“Suck on that,” he then so succinctly added.

Mr Bridges then finished his press conference with saying that Greenpeace was picking a fight they couldn’t win, and that they should spend less time erecting tacky billboards and more time “watching the fuck out.”

So mature is our Mr Bridges.

But I digress…as this post was supposed to be about yesterday and trying to fight the government on another very important issue.


Photo courtesy of Photography by Jossie (another of NZ’s awesome photographers)

Now how many of you can find me in this one ???

Photo courtesy of Photography by Jossie (check out her work…she is really good)

It was fun. Chevvy was well behaved except for one small incident when she put another dog in its place for sniffing her nether regions. Here are a few of the images I took that hopefully will show you a bit of my day.


  1. Just wondering why anyone would elect that MP. What a jerk. Although I shouldn’t talk. We’ve got plenty of jerks in this country’s legislature, too. They’re called the Tea Party (masquerading as the former Republican party). I hope your efforts bear fruit.


    1. He wasn’t always quite so arrogant as he is now. Six months ago he got a cabinet post and since then he has turned in to a monster in the making. He is trying to mimic our PM.


      1. Bringing it closer to home for me, that’s exactly what happened with my husband’s boss: sweet as sugar while trying to get hired; monster afterwards. Yours was arrogant before but kept it under wraps.


  2. oh jo, such stupid nasty politicians make one’s blood boil …how can it happen??? someone knows how to manipulate the ignorant and easily persuaded .. someone with money to make out of suckers no doubt!


    1. Sadly Christine our PM and his government are completely manipulated by money. They have lost all sense of what New Zealand is. A little Pacific nation with a BIG tradition of doing the right thing. Recently for example at a world meeting New Zealand was the only country to vote against doing things to help stop the extinction of OUR Maui dolphin, the rarest dolphin in the world with only an estimated 55 left, just to satisfy overseas and local commercial fishermen. At present they are even considering cutting the recreational fishing quota for average Kiwis of Snapper from 9 to 3 fish, so that the big guys don’t lose out. Mr Key bends over so far for commercial corporations and of course countries such as America and Chine. To keep Chine happy recently, even though we signed a trade agreement with Taiwan also recently, our ministers now refer to Taiwan as ‘Chines Tapei”. My blood boils when I see where this government is taking us. The joke around here at the moment is that John Key thinks ‘1984’ is actually a handbook on how to run a country.


  3. Money rules…New Zealand has, to us up here in Sweden, always been someone to look up to concerning nature issues – now this Mr B is a disgrace to his country, people and nature life. I do hope you can kick him out next election. Protesting is important. I used to admire the methods used by French farmers – they drove their vehicles to Paris and dropped cow dung on the streets…


    1. Money does rule. Our government thinks of nothing else and it really is to the detriment of this country. Sadly many Kiwis are too apathetic to try to change things. Our PM and government knows this and uses it to bring in anything that will help them get more money and rape New Zealand’s resources.


  4. Happy to see all the fur babies supporting this cause. And I am shocked by Mr. B. What a jerk. I want to use a different word, but won’t write it on your blog. You probably know what I’m thinking.


  5. You are always one tough cookie. Always not afraid to speak your mind. Great quality you got … I bow to thee and the rest of the people there.


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