Weekly Photo Challenge: Masterpiece

This morning I sat outside waiting for Chevvy to do her thing. And finally I realised what I wanted to do for this week’s challenge. I saw what has to be one of the World’s greatest masterpieces. Yet everyday we [humans] take it for granted. We waste it and we pollute it. We should be guarding it for future generations. Our arrogance astounds me.

This morning I put all that aside and just marvelled at how perfect it is, and how precious. And I tried to capture a few tiny particles of it…for no matter how small its quantity…its quality is grandiose.

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    1. Thanks ! I do wish I had gotten the leave that is blurred a bit lower to get the waterdrop fully in the picture…but new camera, new lens, learning as we go.


      1. Water is a real issue for me at the moment. We’re contemplating moving house and one of the real barriers – for me – is the prospect of having to drink city water. We had to during the drought earlier in the year and I hated it. I really value having our water tank not only for taste but also cost, independence from problems with mains supply and of course simple sustainability.


          1. We are looking at townhouses so it probably wouldn’t be possible. We live in the outer ‘burbs of Auckland and put in an underground tank a few years ago. It was horrendously expensive to do, and we had really good access for the hiab. I can’t imagine the nightmare of trying to do the same thing in Grey Lynn or somewhere. I’m feeling really torn between wanting to be closer to the city, and not wanting to lose my water tank or my vege garden. Probably I should blog about it – that’s where I do my best thinking these days!


          2. You should. I am lucky. The water here in Katikati is pretty good. But I am planning to move to Napier and I must admit I wonder how it is down there.


  1. Water! We take it so much for granted, and don’t value it’s worth until we run short, like in the droughts that Australia and NZ experience regularly – then we realize just how precious it is to us.


  2. Jo, this is a masterful (mistressful just doesn’t sound right!) photograph of one of nature’s most precious gifts – you’re right about our attitude to it these days. I was wondering when we become so wasteful and arrogant, and though the answer came readily to mind, what remains unanswerable is why we persist in our wasteful ways, even now when we know we need to change.


      1. You’re right – change seems to be the thing we’re most resistant to, and yet the scientists seem to think it was our ability to change and adapt to rapid climate change that forced us to develop our powerful brains – shame we’re not a bit more galvanised now, then 🙂


  3. Jo…….. what a Masterpiece of a photo too……. You said it my friend, Water is so precious, we are made up of so much of it, and yet we take it so much for granted, we bemoan when we get too much, we cry when we get too little.. And yet water surrounds us all, ALL the time.. We live on a water based planet..
    If I could give your a prize I would give you one for this photo… Instead I know Nature smiles at you for you see the sphere in which you live…
    Love to you Jo…
    Sue xxx


    1. Thanks Gilly. It is just time to move on. I have loved Katikati but with my back issues and being alone I often feel a little isolated here from the big wide world. In Napier I hope there will be the chance to be more involved in community things that are difficult to access for me here. Napier has a terrific creative community, and I loved living there when we first moved to New Zealand. The climate is also quite similar to here. I want to be able to catch a bus somewhere if I feel like it. And I really want to look in to setting up a pet photography business. There is little hope of me doing that in such a small community as Katikati.


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