Weekly Photo Challenge: Fresh

Me getting up to watch the sunrise in winter…what could be fresher [and slightly on the insane side] than that.

And this my dear friends is what I was rewarded with.

All this at the end of my road…

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  1. Wow. Times five. As in wow wow wow wow [cos I already did the first one]
    Great reward – well worth the effort and thankx for the share!


  2. ah, dawn! it’s wonderful when we’re rewarded with moments like that. i always ask myself, ‘why don’t i do this every morning?’

    …as thoreau said, ‘morning is when i am awake, and there is a dawn in me.’ – great post!


      1. There’s another quote by Thoreau, “…it matters not what the clocks say or the attitudes of man, morning is when i am awake and there is a dawn in me…”

        May that particular dawn be forever branded in your memory!


  3. After the first “superb”, each successive shot drew ummms and ahhas – superb! I remember that cold and dark combination, but I also remember that there was always a reward for getting up to see the dawn. These certainly prove the point Jo. 🙂


  4. Stunning shots Jo! What more can you ask for? Great entry for the challenge indeed. 😀 *big hugs*


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