Black and White Weekly Photo Challenge : TOYS

Toys, toys, toys…are we ever to old for toys ? I don’t think so. Sonel’s Black & White Challenge this week is…yes…you got it…TOYS.

So I thought I would share these with you.

New Zealand’s Buzzy Bee is a famous toy. Prince William was given a wooden pull along one when he visited here with Charles and Diana as a toddler. This is a more cuddly version.


I found this toy model airplane at Tauranga’s Air Museum. It is a copy of an old New Zealand plane that used to fly our skies.


Although never a Barbie girl myself…The Daughter was. And she is probably one of the world’s most famous toys…as well as one of the best dressed.


At Auckland’s Museum I found these representatives of yesteryear. Doing what any toy worth his salt would do of course…having a tea party.P1090734This wee fellow was a family favourite with my kiddywinkles. It waddles across the floor, makes piggy noises and scrunches its nose. It still lives with me.

IMG_3143Now…it is time to go waaayyyyy back. I wonder if you can tell who this girl is with some of her toys…

img010She also quite liked dolls as she got older…

img011And she had a penchant for furry snuggles…

Jo outside KensingtonNow I really had to add this last one. While technically not a toy…I sure had fun playing with him for a while.

8-16-2011_004Wasn’t he just too cute ?


  1. Fantastic selection of toys Jo! I especially like the last one! He is a cutie for sure! πŸ˜‰
    Great shots as well and I love it hon. Can you believe I do have one of those piggies? Mine also waddles across the floor, makes piggy noises and scrunches its nose and it also still lives with me as well..heheheh. Hubby bought it for me for our first year anniversary! LOL!
    Thanks so much for taking part and for the stunning take on the entry hon! So appreciated. πŸ˜€ *big hugs*


    1. I liked the last one too. Sadly I was an idiot and let him go. Though we remained good, good friends. Those piggies are the best…ours still works twenty years on. I dragged it out to try to get a good photo of it. I love that hubby buys you toys…that is soooooo cool.


      1. Now that was a great loss indeed but I am sure you made up for it and I am glad you remained friends. πŸ˜€
        Yes, aren’t they just the cutest? The same here and if I had to post the photo’s of all the toys that hubby and the boys bought me over the years, it will take you years just to view them! LOL! That is why I chose the ornaments and not all my teddies and soft toys. πŸ˜€
        Oh believe me, he can’t stop. At some stage I had to tell him to stop as I just didn’t have any more place to put them but they still do sneak them in now and then…which I do love. πŸ˜€


  2. Love the waaayyyyy back pics, Jo. Thank you for sharing these precious photos! Piggy is so cute! Glad you added the last one πŸ™‚


  3. Had to stop and have a second look at the model plane….always have been high on the list of interests. And as for the girl at the tank….forget the girl and it could almost have been a shot taken my home place.


        1. I don’t think there are ACTUAL dolLs are there. I thought it was just an artists rendition of a more natural Barbie…I will have to go check that out now.


  4. The photos of you with your dolls is my favorite but they are all excellent choices for Sonel’s challenge. Nice series. Not sure about the new Barbies arm position. She does not look relaxed. And your surprise finish makes one react to the image in the theme. Fun. Thanks for all the lovely comments you write on my blog, too. I appreciate it.


  5. hahaha … love the way you added the last one as a toy. SADLY … it is a loss now. BUT – aren’t all toys after awhile. We may keep them but we don’t always play with them especially after we’ve all grown up. Why do we have to grow up? ~~~~~ : – (
    Great entry for Sonel’s challenge.
    Have a SUPER GREAT weekend ….


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