Catching up slowly…

Now that I am back I am trying to bring Chronicles up to date. Yesterday I added all my photos for one of the 365 day photo challenges for June.

Here a few to give you a taste…

You can of course check out the rest of the June photos as you please: June 2013 – 365 photo challenge

I have also put up my June SELF-PORTRAIT photo challenge...if you feel inclined to see what I have been up to !!! There’s a couple of cheeky ones included.


  1. Did you see the New Yorker cover with Bert and Ernie last week?
    Enjoyed your catching up photographs.
    Thanks for making time to visit my blog and write nice words.


    1. I surely did…hehehehehe
      Thanks Ruth !! Glad you enjoyed it.
      It is always nice to visit your place and the nice words…well they just flow when I am there.


    1. It always grabs my attention Christine.
      A resthome where the oldies can play and keep lively?
      Sounds like not such a bad idea actually…


          1. It’s okay… I am also catching up on all my post…so I have lots of time and patience..hehehehe


    1. Thanks !!! The owl seems to be a favourite. Having a bit of a bad run. Back problems and a swollen knee are keeping me confined at the moment.


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