Weekly Photo Challenge: Nostalgic

Last weekend I took a trip out to an open home I saw in our local paper. In 1993 after we arrived in Katikati we began the process of building a home on our kiwifruit orchard. In January 1994 we moved in. It was a basic three bedroom home but I still remember the joy putting it together gave me.

Planting the gardens

P1100550Picking out this cherry tree and watching it grow

P1100551Deciding how to get the most storage in the compact kitchen

P1100564It was amazing to see that almost twenty years later the linoleum I chose is still in good condition and remember the times I watched out this window as the kiddywinkles played outside while I prepared another meal.

P1100562This was the first time I had had a home with a fireplace and how I loved being warm inside as the rain pelted down or the wind howled

P1100560The bathroom was a challenge. Beams for the shower had to be turned so that everything pieced together. The tiles I not only chose but put up are still there.

Not bad for a newbie tiler I think

P1100567Even the Hollywood lights are still in action…though they look a little wonky…but after almost twenty years…heck I look a little wonkier than I did the last time I looked in to this mirror.


The owners were lovely and happy to get a history on the building of the house. They were gracious enough to let me wander through both the house and time as I journeyed through my past. When it sells I hope the new owners know that it was built with love.

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  1. That is so neat. It looks GREAT. I love the storage and the tiles in the bathroom. And of course, the lovely garden. A friend of mine said the owners of the house they live visited them and gave them the history. She was thrilled!


  2. Fantastic! I’d love to revisit some of the houses I’ve lived in, but I’d have to put aside a lot of time. I don’t think I actually considered anywhere “home” (as in a permanent place to live) until I bought my first house in my late 20s.


    1. I have also been back to visit with the people who bought the house I owned after that. That was a buzz as it was mine and mine alone. I brought it after my divorce and did some major renovating. Sadly I broke my back and had to sell before finishing it all. It was three acres and I could no longer look after it all. It was great to see them finish it off and put their own stamp on it.


    1. It was. Though it was also the house where my marriage ended. Going back in to the master bedroom was very strange…because at the end we had so many emotional scenes in there. The ex was a bit of a manipulator and did the whole drama queen act, often in the dark wee hours of the night. I’d wake to find him sitting by my side of the bed…staring…and/or crying. This from a serial cheater.


  3. You did a great job there, Jo. It must have been wonderful to be able to go back and wander around your previous home, and see that all your handiwork had stood the test of time. πŸ™‚


    1. It was nice. That the linoleum was still so good was wonderful And the kitchen…the only changes were the handles and a new benchtop. I must admit I loved seeing those tiles in the bathroom…I was quite proud of doing those.


  4. How amazing that they changed so little of what you had chosen and installed 20 years ago. Obviously you have great taste πŸ™‚ it must have felt strange to be there, almost like time travel.


  5. What a lovely house indeed Jo and I can only imagine how nostalgic that must have felt. Great shot and entry hon. πŸ˜€ *hugs*


  6. What fun to be able to go back and look around! My husband, I and our two girls have had our house for 28 years but are getting ready to move. That’s a long time for most people these days. Perhaps one day one of our girls will go back and see the house.



    1. Thanks Madhu. They have fixed her up a bit. They moved in ten years ago and apparently it was a bit of a mess after renters trashed the walls etc. So glad someone took her over who loved her.


  7. How cool that you were able to revisit it! I think you did a fantastic job with the tiles, too! Much better than I could ever do. πŸ™‚ Did it make you miss it at all or are you happy enough with where you are that it was just a fun jaunt into the past?


    1. No…I don’t miss it. It was a bit odd to walk through the door. But enough time has passed and I am happy enough where I am that it was just able to tug a little at the emotions. There were no ‘what ifs’ though…none at all.


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