Wordless Wednesday



51 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday”

  1. From what I read, it’s a very close relation to (and looks just like) the Japanese white-eye or mejiro, which we have here in Hawaii. They’re very tiny and not easy to catch in a photo, so good job!


    1. Thanks Jennifer. I went out to an open home at an old house of mine that is on the market. They had a persimmon tree with loads of fruit and it was full of birds. They were way to interested in the fruit to really care about me and my camera.


  2. Awwww..now that is just the cutest I’v ever seen Jo! What a beautiful little bird! Great shot hon and thanks for sharing. πŸ˜€ *big hugs*


  3. You know, for a little guy, he has a great glare. Don’t tell him I think he’s cute. He’s trying so hard to look mean. Two posts in two days. Does this mean you’re really back! Wooohooo!


        1. Isn’t that what Google have done…I bit creepy I think. I watched the first part of a really interesting documentary last night on Vivian Maier.
          During it they talked about how she was able to get such great images of people. They thought because of the camera she used [one of the ones you looked down in to] she was not making eye contact so the people felt less intruded upon. I thought that was a really interesting school of thought…especially when you see some of her amazing images and how close she must have been to her subjects.


          1. I thought google had done that, but then I thought it was a mini computer in the glasses.
            Interesting idea not to make eye contact when you take a photo. I know some of my best shots are when I have been sneaky and just snapped it when no one knew πŸ˜‰


          2. I think you might be right. Last night I found an app I can download for my phone that hides the fact you are taking people’s photos…interesting…but not sure if I will download it.


          3. Yup… especially in China where you can get some really bizarre shots. Although they are getting smart. Last time I went down to YuYuan Garden where all the markets are and tourists flock I went to snap a photo of fruit on sticks… not even the people and they started to shout NO NO NO! Oops caught red handed and no photo 😦 I guess my bright red camera gave me away.


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