Wordless Wednesday



        1. Well it is lucky you didn’t say LMAO…because…being an acronym standing for Laughing My Anus Off. It literally means laughing until your anus becomes detached from your body. It is a serious medical condition and must be treated AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. So I would be very worried had you said that dear Gilly.


      1. I should be calling in a lot more too dear Jo
        but lately I haven’t been on WP very much and instead have been pottering around in my garden, which still needs some work to finish 🙂 I add a smile because I rather like a bit of gardening, not a lot of it though as that can be a tad boring 😦 lol Have a nice Thursday my sweet and great friend and I will try to call more often from now on 🙂 🙂

        Andro xxxx


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