Life is funny at times.

I am keeping my fingers crossed that the computer will cooperate and this post will see the light of day.

Doing battle with the computer.
Doing battle with the computer.

I am also hoping that soon all will be sorted on the insurance front. It is proving more of a job than I first realised. I think my insurance company must be sick of me. First there was the leak in the kitchen/dining/lounge room. When the inspector came he found that there was also damage from a long ago leak I never bothered to claim. I did not at the time realise the amount of damage it had caused to the flooring under the linoleum in the kitchen. So this then eventuated in a second claim. It took eight months to settle the first claim…now the second is in the works it will be interesting to see how long that takes. I hope it happens a bit faster as I can’t begin any repairs until it too is settled as it seems silly to repair one part of the floor then go back in again.

Then there was the lawnmower. It caught on fire…long story that you really don’t want to hear about, but the repairs came to $700.00+. May as well get a new mower then. Turns out after the excess and the loss of my no-claims bonus it costs me over $700 to claim $700.

It made me a little mad because after years of never claiming…and paying them buckets of money…what do I actually have insurance for I wonder.

But this weekend was a time top put it all aside as The Daughter was home. Which meant I got to cook. I made all the things she likes, and a few extras. One of the extras didn’t quite work.

Day 109 - 19.5.2013

Brown sugar meringues. They came out perfect actually…but a little big. They are supposed to be the size of a biscuit and be joined together with cream. I guess I got a little carried away and this was the result. Next time I will try to make sure they are smaller. In the meantime…I am enjoying an occasional sweet treat.

The break in has seen me going through cupboards and drawers to figure what is missing. During the searching I find myself getting side tracked a bit. I came across a box of old papers/cards/mementos.

With The Daughter home I pulled out a few to show her and she and I had a few laughs over some of the cards she has made me over the years. This one in particular had us both in hysterics. She was quite the little manipulator was The Daughter.

The front...and that is NOT my signature !!!
The front…and that is NOT my signature !!!

Homemade Mothers' Day Card (1)

Homemade Mothers' Day Card

In searching through drawers to figure out what was taken in the break in…and they did take some odd items…I found one item that I had thought gone. It is just a small item. And at the time though it seemed expensive to me it really wasn’t. But that one item has made me so happy to find it NOT stolen.

Day 104 - 14.5.2013

I gave it to my father for his birthday one year. It is old, it is worn, and it does need repair. But it means the world to me that I still have it when so many other items that marked a time in my life are now gone forever. I have decided to get it repaired and cleaned up and wear it myself. As a reminder of that time in my life and that the little stuff counts.

Things such as these make the computer woes seem minor indeed.


  1. I need to now read back to see about that insurance break in, and sorry to here this Jo and yes it makes you wonder what we pay insurance premiums for!?
    Hugs Sue x


    1. It sure does at times. Here our premiums are rising crazily, supposedly because of the Christchurch earthquakes. What I don’t get is the insurance companies are still making record profits and what happened to all the money from premiums from previews years. Do they not save that for situations like Christchurch ?


  2. So glad to hear that you have found your Dad’s watch, safe and sound, Jo ๐Ÿ™‚

    I have a suitcase full of cards and letters that me son has sent to me over his lifetime. He’s 30 now – and we have had many a happy hour laughing (and crying) at some of the things written and remembered. These memories are very, very precious and no matter what, they can never be taken from you.



    1. Thanks Marianne.
      I was so happy when I saw the watch. And you are so right. The kids laugh at how I keep all that stuff, but growing up I never had anything kept like that. I really missed it all and don’t want them to feel the same. It is also kind of a part of why I am doing the self-portrait challenge. I have very few photos of my parents. I don’t want them to experience that as well.


    1. I don’t know why that is. To be honest these days I have a ‘blogs’ tab in my toolbar and bookmark all blogs with the RSS feed there. Then I just click on the blog and all the posts pop up. At least it did on the laptops.


  3. Your posts aren’t in my reader either! So glad to read about your dad’s watch, it would be great to get it fixed and wear it ๐Ÿ™‚


    1. I wonder why ! So odd. Yep. When the insurance money comes through I am going to use some of it to do that. At least with it on me I hopefully will never have to worry about it ever being stolen.


  4. Not in mine either!
    Glad these little tokens of your past weren’t taken Jo. Hope the other claims are settled soon.


  5. Glad you persevered with the claim Jo… and just think how good it will be to have that special watch fixed and close with you in the future.I can understand your feelings on that one..
    Love old letters and cards to have a chuckle or even a tear over to be honest sometimes ๐Ÿ˜‰


  6. don’t ask me why but even though I’m following you via email, I stopped getting notices of your posts. Evidently some dumb WP glitch, but I didn’t want you to think I’d forgotten you. ๐Ÿ™‚


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