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Wordless Wednesday

Gotta have cake to celebrate a milestone right ?
Gotta have cake to celebrate a milestone right ?


I made it to DAY 100 of the challenge.

Sadly I am still sorting out insurance from the break in. So no computer that operates any faster than I can run…hence my almost disappearance from the blogging world. Please be patient and when I have a new laptop I will be back with a vengeance visiting you all !!!!


29 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday”

    1. Thanks Tina. In the scheme of things it’s a blip really…just an inconvenient blip. I actually wouldn’t care too much if it wasn’t for the sentimental items they took. And the fact they they disturbed my safe place. It is taking longer than I thought to feel safe here again.


  1. Congrats hon and good luck with sorting out everything. I know the feeling. 😦 Love those glasses. What beautiful eyes you have. πŸ˜†


    1. I am sure it will be Gilly. I miss all you guys. So looking forward to be able to open a browser and not wonder how long it will take or what I will be able to do with it. I can’t even see the notifications on here anymore. It just keeps loading and loading.


    1. Thanks Isobel. I feel terrible not being there for you during this time. I hope you are doing okay. I do read your posts when I can. But I am having trouble either liking posts or commenting.


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