Weekly Photo Challenge: From Above

Last week I spent the afternoon out on Tauranga Harbour. As we toured around we came close to a landslip that occurred a couple of years ago. I couldn’t imagine how the family felt as they looked out from above at the damage done to their property.

I couldn’t actually take a shot ‘from above’, as it is too dangerous. But I am hoping you can see the enormity of it and appreciate what they saw that morning.

Copy of IMG_2616

I wondered how they felt leaving their family home.

I wondered where they are now.

Copy of IMG_2615

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  1. There are quite few cliff edge homes over here that are at real risk of sliding away. Just dreadful, when you settle somewhere you assume it can be for ever dont’ you?


    1. You sure do. I never understand why they don’t do more in the way of coastal protection here. Not sure what it is like in England Gilly, but here we always seem to come in after the fact to fix things.


    1. They apparently knew their was a danger but never thought it would be so bad I read. The woman in the house used to keep an eye on two trees whenever she heard the noise associated with landslips. If they disappeared she said she knew it was time to run.


    1. I know. My dream has always been to live by the see. I am rethinking these days. if you are high up to avoid Tsunamis then you are at risk of falling in to the sea.


  2. same feelings for the displaced people of Christchurch as well. I guess it’s always a risk being near cliffs and the sea. I do know in NZ now when selling beachfront property you have to include erosion maps!


  3. … somewhere a bit more stable with the insurance having paid up hopefully Jo .
    That must have been really shocking to be around just the noise of it all plumetting down .


  4. so scary. hope nobody was hurt. brings to mind one of the biggest landslides from this corner of the planet which was the Hope slide from 1965. feel free to google it. amazing when terra firma is not.


  5. It can not be nice to see land disappear and think your home may go with it.. I would think it was far too dangerous to stay..

    A place I love to visit is Whitby in England, and last Summer with all the rain the cliff top collapsed and fell away.. several cottages had to be demolished.. Such a sad time for families, but then it was lucky that no one was hurt…

    Our Earth is always changing and moving, and living so close to the edge of any cliff I wouldn’t think is wise….

    Lovely photos Jo and thank you for sharing! 🙂


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