Kicking up your heels.

It is hard to not find your feet tapping, your body tingling when you are privileged to watch others dance. Especially when they transfer their emotion with the twirl of a skirt, the bob of a tassel or on the rising curl of a smile. Ailsa’s theme this week is dance. I thought I’d show you a few memorable ones I’ve watched.

Dance Watoto Children's ChoirThe Watoto Children’s Choir visited Katikati. The choir travels the world raising awareness about orphaned children in Africa. Their joy in what they do has never left me. If you ever get the chance to see them dance and sing do NOT miss out. It really is a wonderful experience.

Dance  Auckland's Gay Pride Parade 2013The Pacific Nation’s were out in full force at Auckland’s Gay Pride Parade this year. What gave me the most hope were the families that were present. If we can teach our children to accept all people for who they are, then there is reason to hope.

Dance Waihi beach Hop 2013 [1]Waihi hosts the Beach Hop for one day each year. There are cars, drag races [and we are not talking car races], food, drink, and dancing. These two couples had me in their spell as they did everyone watching.

Dance  Waihi Beach Hp 2013

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