two twenty nine am,

someone else’s shadow highlights my own,

a tears slides


nestles in the hair that lays upon a shoulder

— a forever child it seems —

unable to catch the darkness

to bring it to the light,

an imperfect and faint mirror image

it rises and swirls

— a sinister true spirit —

lying in wait

to consume me

Copy of IMG_2457copy


    1. What a lovely thing to say Marianne. I borrowed that cloak from a friend in the drama society. It was amazing the moods it brought out in me. So thrilled you like it.


  1. Beautiful. Words, photo…every last bit.
    What part of you has yet to be exposed to the light? What have you hidden from yourself, for the shadow to have such a voice? I know that’s not what the post is about, or maybe it is. Maybe the intruder is in fact, a part of you…begging to be stripped of her knife.
    love you, Jo.


    1. I couldn’t sleep and visited here tonight. I ended up touching a place in me that brought tears and this to the fore. The photo was one I took earlier and it felt like a match. The break in has touched a lot of deep buried stuff. I am hoping it is a good thing. In the end.


      1. I felt the power of what you were feeling when you wrote it. Big, beautiful stuff, Jo. And only because you are ready and have the courage to see. It cannot be anything less than a good thing, my friend. Your wings have just stretched even more…you’ll see…you’ll see…:)


    1. No. Now I have Googled them [that is so weird…Googled has become a word] I think it might be a good thing to try and find some of their work.


  2. touching that deep buried stuff can only be good if you are gentle with yourself and can always find that safe strong secure place inside of you to return to when you need too … love christine xx


  3. Your poem matched the picture quite well. Sombre stuff. I believe you will eventually bring that shadow self to light, but it takes time and understanding…of the whys and wherefores of how it came to be. Embrace the shadows, my dear friend. They are nothing to fear, as they are an integral part of you. But just remember, if you need a hug or a soft voice in the night to keep the shadows at bay a bit longer, I’m here. πŸ™‚ *Hugs* P.S. Things WILL eventually get back to ‘normal’ but they will never be the same.


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