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When a bench is not just a bench…

This weeks Travel Theme is benches. Here are a few from around New Zealand.


43 thoughts on “When a bench is not just a bench…”

  1. I feel like I should know where most of these are; but am struggling. The couple (woman with red jacket) – looks like Devonport, the reserve at the bottom of Victoria Road. Top left looks like Browns Bay and top right has got me puzzling. Somewhere on the inner Waitemata? AAAAGH.


    1. Thanks Amy…so glad you like THAT one. This 365 challenge is good for me. For the first time in years I see photos of me and don’t cringe…even the ones that shoe wrinkles and wobbly bits.


  2. Is a bench ever just a bench?:) Friend’s backyard warms my soul…and looks like yours, too. Drinking raspberry leaf tea and bringing you here with me today, dear Jo. Love.


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