Using colour.

Friday’s them over at the Weekly Photo Challenge is colour, and Marianne’s CBBH theme for the month is multi-coloured. So I decided to use this post to answer both challenges. You all know I have been taking part in a 365 day challenge to take self-portraits. It has been quite challenging to come up with new ways of showing off my mug…but I am learning a great deal. So I thought I would share some of the more colourful shots with you.

Now for my two bloggers.

  1. Kiva Blog. I actually found this in a roundabout way through Nicole over at ThirdEyeMom in her post Being Half The Sky. If you haven’t read that post yet…you should. But back to Kiva. Kiva is a non profit organisation that helps to allow people who don’t have access to banks to get loans to help them build a dream and a new life through that dream becoming a reality. Kiva raises funds through grants, corporate sponsors, and foundations. It also raises money through everyday people like you who lend funds. You can lend as little as $25, [100% of your loan goes where it should…to the people]…and they have a 99.01% repayment rate. To understand how they work check out their ABOUT page. Then go and read about some of the people they have helped. I dare you not to feel !!!
  2. Bucket List Publications is an awesome site. Lesley and Darren Carter have made this one of my go to places when I want to learn about the world I have yet to experience. You can even submit your own articles to be published…should you wish. They have a great section on New Zealand.

Now I would really love to hear what you think of these photos. What you like, what you don’t like, and which is your favourite out of them.

Then hop on the bunny and go visit Marianne…


If you want to keep up with my daily self-portraits visit my blog One Day At A Time.


    1. Thanks Christine. It is challenging at times trying to come up with new ideas. I also wanted to see if I would get over my abhorrence of pictures of me. And I actually am. I still see things I don’t like…but I am finally seeing things I do. Does that make any sense at all ???


  1. POW, was my first reaction. Sledge hammer colour at that. Glad to hear you’re having fun. The trick to having fun is enjoy the processes, as well as the thinking that goes along with it. Things just keep expanding, and developing – evolution of creativeness is endless and medicinal for the mind at least for moi.


  2. This is really pushing your photography to different heights babe, much as its probably difficult to keep coming up with ideas the results are so worth it. I absolutlely love the moon, its one of my favourite photos of anything recently. Next 55 and 41 are really cool. OF the less abstract ones I like 42 because of your lovely smile. Sorry but I don’t like the wobbly one!


    1. Awwwww shucks Gilly. Thank you. Now which wobbly one do you mean ??? It was just a bit of fun…hope I don’t look like that when I get really old. Eeek !!!


  3. I’m seriously impressed at the creativity of your self-portrait project, Jo – what a very clever photographer you are.

    My favourite (contrary to others) is #39, but considering where I live, I’m sure you won’t be surprised!

    I’m glad you have chosen to highlight KIVA as a blog to visit – I’ve been lending through this scheme for years and I love the way it gives people a hand UP rather than a hand OUT.

    I too love following Lesley’s Bucket List Publications, and submitted an article which was published last year after I had taught English as a Foreign Language whilst travelling in Cambodia. Lesley is such an inspiration!

    Great entry for this month’s CBBH Photo Challenge – well done!


    1. Awwwwww…thanks Marianne. What a lovely comment to come on and read. I love that Kiva do just that…give a hand up to so many. I hope people check it out and see all the good they have done for past recipients of loans.
      And yes…I totally get why THAT one is your favourite my friend !!!!


  4. These are all beautiful, Jo!

    And thanks for all your support! I know I’m not as sociable as I used to be because I’m swamped with writing work now so thank you for being such a buddy here and at LinkedIn. You’re the greatest!


  5. These are all great photos. It’s diffficult to pick just one. They are bright, colorful, unusually creative and super perfect for the two challenges.
    Thanks for posting the two web blogs. I am going to pop over and take a look. I do follow Bucket List Publications and have to agree they are the best. Kiva is new to me however I had heard about that a very long time ago. What fun …. an adventure in new discovery. thanks again ….!!!! ~~~~ : – )


  6. What a great set of images you have going on here! I really like # 55 because of the electric blue and the contrast it has with the white sunglasses and the textures in it are mesmerizing. I like # 53 because it reminds me of Warhol. I like # 42 because it’s fun and I love the devil may care expression you’re wearing. I like the one with the moon, but putting an eye in a full moon has been done so much already, I prefer the others. I think 55 is my fav though. 🙂


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