What better time to get some greens than lunchtime ?


I know it is BRUNCH really…but what a meal.

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    1. As someone recently commented to me Harry…

      I follow the lead of a famous philosopher, Thumper, from the movie, “Bambi”, who said,



      1. I quote a famous philosopher, if you have something to say, say it.

        I did not mean your food was bad, i just don’t like food like that, call me old fashioned.


    1. Thanks Marion. I am off to Auckland tomorrow. Luncj with the kiddywinkles and the to see Rodriguez in concert…a good day all round.
      As for sitting at my table…anytime you want dear lady !!!!


  1. Presentation is so important. It makes me want to ea when I see food in a very decorative way. I have trouble getting myself to want to eat. Seeing it look pretty helps me enjoy it more. This is a yummy looking lunch. I would so enjoy it. I love asparagus. Sooo healthy …. nice post.
    here my entry : perhaps, you’ve missed my photography blog.


  2. Well, I know it’s an historical lunch by now Jo 😉 but just for the record … YUM love asparagus and and and …


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