CBBH Photo Challenge: View from an Aircraft.

Now I had a little bit of warning about this month’s topic as Marianne, her husband and I met up today. Oh what fun they are !!!

My Maunganui Hot Pools

We lazed about in the Mount Hot Pools for hours then had the most delightful lunch on Mount Maunganui‘s boardwalk.

Mango frappe
Mango frappe
Pineapple, cheese and tomato toastie
Pineapple, cheese and tomato toastie

But the subject is of course “View from an Aircraft”, so back to it then. In 2009 a friend took me to Tahiti for my birthday. These are of Papeete as we were leaving. It was one of the saddest departures I remember…I was not ready to go.

Papeete from the air

Papeete from the air

And the following is from the Aviation Museum where I sat inside a Hawker Hunter T75 and this is the view I had from my seat.

Hawker Hunter T75

Now for this month’s two blog recommendations.

1. Amy Elizabeth over at the TBN Ranch is such a delight. She runs what is known as a ‘hobby farm’ [you said it yourself Amy] in Arizona where she has a whole bunch of animals, and free range hens. Anyone who has free range animals is a hero in my book. She is also a writer and her blog is full of so many interesting tidbits it is hard to keep up.

2. At campfireshadows you’ll be taken on a trip to the Old West. You can either dine on great stories or check out the trail recipes and dine on real trail cooking.

Back to Marianne. She actually suggested we meet today as I have invited her and hubby to come and stay, and as she put it…if I hated them I could tell them to bugger off. Check back after Sunday when I get to show them around Katikati, our A & P Show and cook dinner for them.

For now head on over to this month’s CBBH Challenge and check out some more views.


  1. I spent a night in Tahiti many, many years ago when was 21 enroute to the UK, so I understand how you felt on leaving it too. It was a magical place to be, and so different from anything I had ever seen. Love your pics.


    1. She is such fun as is her hubby. I had a blast with them. Chevvy [all the wee beasties actually] loved having them around and all the extra attention.


  2. What nice friends you have Jo (and new friends, too, of course – what fun to meet Marianne and her husband on your turf!) – I thought a weekend trip down at Unawatuna was a big deal of a birthday present, but a trip to Papeete- that’s pretty spectacular whichever way you look at it 🙂 Thanks for the introductions – I’ll pop across and say hello right away!


  3. Hello again – first entrant into this month’s CBBH photo challenge! 🙂

    We had the most wonderful, fun day with you today, Jo. Lazing in the hot pools at Mount Manganui, we never stopped talking, and before we realized, three hours had gone by! It was an absolute delight to finally meet up with you Jo, and who would have thought it possible that you could be even nicer in person than I already thought 🙂

    Glad you found your photos of Tahiti – I’ve never been there, but I can certainly understand that you would never want to leave.

    Fortunately for me, I don’t know either of your two featured blogs, so I’ll HOP straight over there, right away!

    See you on Sunday morning, Jo 🙂

    Marianne x


  4. How lovely to meet up with Marianne. Looks like you had an idyllic day. 🙂 I also loved Tahiti and was very sad to wave goodbye. Great photos for the challenge, Jo.


    1. It was great to meet up with her…Marianne is such fun and so easy to be around.
      Glad you liked the shots…I really loved Tahiti and have such great memories of it.


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