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Small Stone #30 January 2013…and a Chevvy update.

a wet nose

a paw on my chest

a sloppy lick

love expressed more eloquently than I ever could

fox terrier

Update: Chevvy’s lump is a lipoma. It is not going to be a problem hopefully. It’s a start at least.

Speaking of dogs…this video made me weep for Sonya. First from sadness, then from joy. I hope you’ll watch and maybe share and I hope Sonya will find the forever home she deserves.


50 thoughts on “Small Stone #30 January 2013…and a Chevvy update.”

    1. Thanks Corina !!! I loved this video but how could people leave her on the street for 10 years ??? What was that ?? And how could someone abandon their pet…for it sounded like that in the video as she hung around one spot all that time.


    1. I did a few hoorays myself when I got the news Gilly. Sorry I made you cry…but she has a forever home thankfully. I just don’t understand why the people left her to roam for so many years.


  1. I was waiting for your update on Chevvy. So glad it’s a non serious lipoma(I read that link about lipomas because frankly, I had no clue!)
    On another note, I am not even going to try and watch that video, because I’m sure I’ll bawl my brains out. So I think I’ll pass. Let’s see how long I am able to stay away from a doggy video.
    PS: Big squishy hug to Cheevy


    1. It has a good ending Amba…and it is so beautiful the way she begins to trust the guy who rescues her. Watch it…it may give you tears but they will be happy tears in the end.


      1. Aww! You were so right πŸ™‚ What a wonderful video. A lot of things stood out, like how tiny Sonya is below all that fur, also the fact that Sonya is the first dog I have seen run away from human affection-poor thing must have had a bad experience in the past, and lastly, the guts of that man who did not fear being bitten by her when she was cornered. Lovely video! Thank you for sharing πŸ™‚


    2. It has a good ending Amba…and it is so beautiful the way she begins to trust the guy who rescues her. Watch it…it may give you tears but they will be happy tears in the end. Chevvy sends a big squishy hug right back at ya !!!!


  2. Two heart warming stories Jo .. glad Chevy is ok πŸ™‚
    I think Sonya is a top dog, she must have been quite frightened being caught but didn’t turn nasty, and to see her in the last shot all spruced up and happy was so good. Rescue dogs often make the best pets .


    1. Thanks Poppy. You know when I see some of these rescue videos it is amazzing…they almost never turn nasty. Frightened as they are at first…they turn to trust every time…wow…that just shows what amazing animals they are after all they have been through.


    1. Thanks Isobel. I was more worried about the lump than I am about the murmur. She was at the vet’s a few months ago with no sigh of one…so we have caught it early. And I have done a lot of Googling over it. I think with a good diet and some natural remedies – for the moment at least – I can keep it under control. Of course we will always have to keep an eye on it but at least we know that.


    1. I had a large one on my arm that had to be removed as it was sqishing the nerves. So I knew if it was that it wasn’t a problem…we just have to keep an eye onn it. But boy did that news make me happy !!!!!!! Thanks for all the support Christine…it meant a lot.


    1. The one with Charlie in it…or the one where The Boys meet their grandfather as a young man ?? That one hasn’t hit here yet. HOpefully tonight. I love the one with Charlie and all the LARPing in it. Dean with a shield, sword, and chainmail…be still my beating heart.


        1. I saw the photos and it looks like it will be good. Yeah I love that episode…and the ending with Dean’s ‘Braveheart’ speech and The Boys with painted faces running in to the fray…just Nirvana !!!!


    1. Me too. I saw the holistic vet the other day. She has given her a heart supplement. It is like the biggest pill ever but Chevvy thinks it is a treat so wolfs it down. I had a great talk with the vet…no charge [I love the holistic vet now], and she spent time explaining everything about heart murmurs. She even was thrilled I already had her on the raw food diet. My vet here in town looks at me as if he is wondering about dementia most of the time.


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