Small Stone #29 January 2013

tck, tck, tck, tck, tck, tck,

a palm leaf flutters

the breeze arrives to softens the sun’s heat



Author: Jo Bryant

I was born in the land of Banjo Paterson, gum trees, and weather extremes. I am a freelance writer. I live in the Bay of Plenty, New Zealand, but still like to claim my Australian heritage. I graduated with a Bachelor of Communications in 2008. I am writing my first novel. I love to write poetry, short stories, and also write for the web. And there is nothing that is on a par with a sunny summer's day spent at Waihi Beach.

22 thoughts on “Small Stone #29 January 2013”

    1. It has been sooooooooo hot here lately. And it is due to go on until Sunday…10 straight days of sun and temperatures 24 – 30% – have to do lots of watering in the garden. Even the birds are suffering. One organisation has put out a call on facebook for people to put food and water out for the birdlife. I think the neighbours are really starting to worry about me now…all the food littering my front lawn.


    1. Thanks AD. Does it get very hot where you live ??? I knew we would get warmth when I moved here…secong sunniest spot in New Zealand is our Bay of Plenty…but I didn’t expect this much warmth. Global warming rearing its head perhaps.


      1. Yes, summer in South Africa is very hot most of the time. I’m told that Florida is unbearably so, but we’re only here during the winter before we head back to SA for their winter. 🙂


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