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Art for art’s sake…

I love street art. My header for this post is a mural in my own town of Katikati. It is the Athenree Homestead by Val Tubman of Waihi. Athenree is on the way north just out of town.

But recently, I finally took some photos of a wall in Waihi that always draws my eyes when I pass it.

Waihi grafitti
Waihi graffitti

Waihi graffitti
Waihi graffitti


If you missed it here is another piece of the wall that I used for Small Stone #19.

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Alisa’s theme as you can guess for this week is of course: Walls


43 thoughts on “Art for art’s sake…”

  1. Another thing we have in common!
    I love these especially the red haired girly that was your header. I took some the other day, a set of about six of one long peice of work – to take it properly I would need to be in a boat!


  2. Neat! I recognize Sonic, the Hedgehog on part of it. When I was in Switzerland, I was amazed and astounded by the incredible street art over there. It is EVERYWHERE over there, and it’s so much more than the simple graffiti that we have a lot of here in the States. Very cool.


    1. Ahhhhhhhh…so you clicked then. I love that wall and her…just had to use her for a while and had to wait for an opportunity to use the rest. It is hard sometimes when you get a series of shots you sooooooooooo want to use but have to wait. Patience has never been a strength of mine…hehehe


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