Small Stone #27 January 2013

one moment at a time

is enough in itself

Peacock taking off - Katikati
Peacock taking off – Katikati



    1. Thank you Jennifer…what a lovely thing to say !!! I am thrilled you like it. I wondered if people would think: “OMG a bum shot”…cause I kinda did like it. You made my day !!!!!!


  1. A fabulous catch! I don’t think I’ve ever seen the back end of a peacock before. Never would have guessed it was one of them.
    27! You’re almost there! I’m going to miss these. Your shots and words were spot on, all the way through the month. NICE!


    1. So glad you liked it Gemma !! I think I am actually going to miss them too. I was thinking of making a page and keeping the stones thing going – not everyday but just when one strikes me. What do you think ??? Good idea or not ???


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