Weekly Photo Challenge: Love

So many types of love…that’s what makes it so interesting. Here is my version of love…Kiwi style.

There is the love that exists between an animal and a human…one I understand completely. They love you without reservation and with no expectations.man and dog
Young love always makes me smile [and yes my smiles always reach my toes], because it is so fresh, so full of promise.

young love
And the love that a teacher has…one that drives them not only to be good at what they do but to pass on what they know…like I said, there are many forms of love.

artist and student
This is Rob McGregor. Rob is a terrific New Zealand artist, and each year he runs an art retreat where he passes on his knowledge. His wonderful wife Joanne you might remember from my post FOREIGN. Joanne is a filmmaker among other things. Do click on Rob’s name and check out some of his wonderful work.

Just to finish off with one of my favourite dead people…here is a quote that says what love is just perfectly. I’ve made it my personal motto. Maybe I should hang it on the door. What do you think ?

“I’m selfish, impatient and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I am out of control and at times hard to handle. But if you can’t handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don’t deserve me at my best.”
― Marilyn Monroe

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  1. A really great post, Jo. Love the look of doggy devotion in the first one. Will take a look at Rob’s image gallery on my laptop later (Apple can’t run Flash Player programs – grrrrrr)
    Love the quote, haha


  2. All three are excellent examples of the theme. I really like the last. You can see that he is really listening to what she has to say.


  3. You’ve taken some lovely photos there Jo, all very natural and unforced …that lovely scruffy faced dog is just waiting for The word from his beloved master . They all really capture the theme so well .
    Off to check out your links …


    1. Lovely broad canvases of colour ! I think I have gone all elemental and bold 🙂 I liked his Abstract Falls !


  4. Love the dog pic, dogs are some of the best people I know. Great quote from Marilyn, who quite frankly was kind of a hot mess but very loveable! Great post, enjoyed his artwork too, great colors!


        1. I’m not sure it is her vulnerability at all…yes she was that…but she was also a savvy lady who wasn’t afraid of that vulnerability…just afraid of the people who used it.


  5. All wonderful choices for the theme Jo, and summed up by that great quote 🙂 Just popped over to Robs site…what amazing talent! Loved his interpretation of Renoir’s ‘Luncheon of the boating party’!


    1. Thanks !!! I just put up a comment his wife asked me too…she isn’t all that blog savvy yet…but I am working on it…you should read it. She is so cool…and she has the coolest name !!! She was thrilled to read everyone’s comments about his work and said: “Oh my goodness Jo. We will have to pay you as his PR woman!!!!!!!!!! Wow, so cool and so good for him to read ’cause he truly is quite humble.” And he really is.


  6. Rob’s amazing/beautiful/clever wife asked me to post the following:

    Oh, my goodness, Jo! I admired and delighted in your juxtaposition of the vibrant, colourful artist /tutor shown in black and white; striping away the ‘wow’ and capturing the honesty. You are so good at giving us a photograph deeper than two dimensional eye bling.
    From Rob’s darlingheart Joanne

    [she’s not blog savvy…but with all that she is, that is forgiveable…and besides…she has a terrific name !!!]


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