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Small Stone # 24 January 2013

the curtains flap,

words and laughter mix with warm air

rising from the pizza,

a summer evening settles in



45 thoughts on “Small Stone # 24 January 2013”

    1. Was it ever Mmmmmmmmmmmmm. We began with a G&T and nuts out on the patio beside the harbour. We had baked brie in red wine with fresh bread for starters. Then the pizza and a yummy salad. We couldn’t fit in the homemade mango ice cream. We it got dark we went inside, had another G&T and watched “Abraham Lincoln – Vampire Hunter” with all the doors open.


      1. And there’s us, if we open the doors we get frostbite in 3 seconds lol

        I think the pizza is the only part of that I would have had LOL. Don’t like Brie and I can’t drink. I’ve yet to watch Abee Baby lol


      1. I have a hard time controlling myself when pizza is around, especially if it’s good. Once the better half took me and before I knew it, I ate the whole thing except for one slice. Not sure the better half was impressed.


    1. It was just one of those really sweet evenings. You would love it where she lives. Right on the harbour. Saturday morning we are going out kayaking [for the 2nd time in my life] from her back yard.


    1. Yep – summer is definitely here now. Now the pizza actually comes from a little place where they make them all themselves. Really really good pizzas. Everything else [bar the G&T ingredients] was home made.


    1. I was bummed too later. But we were going to have it during the movie, only we got involved in the story and forgot and…oh well…next time. I am going to try my hand at making blueberry ice cream.


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