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Small Stone #23 January 2013

a small flash of white tail

hopping over a gazillion ragged grey rocks

run bunny run

I can’t reach you

my arms and legs

swollen, the skin stretched like a balloon

are weighted down like

a cement shoed body in the lake

run bunny run

before I waken

yellow eye

On a completely different subject…meet Loca…I am in love with this little PUG !!!

I am a bad, bad blogger because Alistair introduced me to Loca and I got so carried away with her I forgot to include a link back to his blog. Thank you Alistair for starting me on this love affair with the cutest pug in Ireland.


36 thoughts on “Small Stone #23 January 2013”

    1. I know…you should go to her youtube channel and watch some of the others Gilly. Wait til you see the bike her ‘Da’ fixed up to take him, Mum and ALL four dogs touring…it is friggen’ incredible.


  1. hahahahahaha—love the pug. I thought Miles had a funny run since his back end always arrives first, but he’s a tad bit better than the pug. How adorable!


    1. Isn’t she just. You should go to their YouTube page and see the others they have made…I love them. The Race is soooooooo cool as is the one ‘Me Da’s Trike’…actually they are all cute to watch. I [I can’t seem to help myself] got in to an argument with a moron on there who called Loca a ‘retard’…but he/she just pissed me off.


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