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Small Stone #22

when others you aspire to be as good as

like your efforts

your smile reaches your toes

Photoblog Challenges

I started taking part in Photoblog Challenges last year. They have tutorials and themes and I thought it would push me in my photography to get better and to try new techniques. This morning when I visited them I was thrilled to see I had gotten a 2nd place and a 3rd place with two of my shots. January has been an exciting month photography wise. This is a snapshot of the images I have submitted for January. And my smile is still being felt in my toes.


40 thoughts on “Small Stone #22”

  1. Big congrats! Out of those up top, the old man’s portrait is still my fave. You managed to capture something extraordinary about him. I’d love to know what his story is. Anyway, I’m not surprised your pictures are getting awards and getting noticed! You definitely have an artist’s “eye”. 😉


    1. He is very, very special to me. I gave his photo away tonight. The friend who talked me in to entering him in the local Art Festival, where I got 2nd prize with it, just loves him. So – off he went to a good home where he will always be loved.


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