Small Stone #21 January 2013

it’s a tickle

then a throb

driving desire

making a want a need

steak sandwich


          1. Well that is a bit of – dare I say it – stupidity [on their part]. And why the heck would you put THAT there in the first place ??? I know…you drank a cup of that coffee first didn’t you ???


          2. I just wanted to say I said what I did about ‘comments & likes’ because of another comment on that post. I did check out their blog and it is good, and yes they have high stats, but I noticed there is no engagement from their visitors. It seems to me that what you have in terms of visitors is more important and more of a way to measure your success with it. I love when I get to a blog with lots of comments and conversations. Firstly it tells me that the blogger really listens and is interested in their readers, and that it is NOT just about stats to them. They want to engage with people. Those are the blogs I usually enjoy the most.


  1. Going veggie? Well done, you are such an animal lover! I’m not anymore because I eat fish but was for twenty years. I’m not extremist, I just want them to have a happy life and not be pumped with chemicals and kept in nasty places.


    1. Veggie with exemptions. I will not be able to give up eggs [free range], butter, milk. cheese and seafood. I just can’t eat anything that mehs, baas, moos or snorts at you.


  2. Now Jo, its a good thing its lunch time here in the UK and I am about to sink my teeth into a toasted Cheese sandwich or else I may have drown in my own saliva 🙂
    Hugs and Have a great week… xox


    1. Sorry…but this is as close as I will get to this type of food in the future. Trying to go [partial] vegetarian. No way I can give up eggs, milk, cheese and seafood.


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