Small stone #18 January 2013

in the dreariest surroundings we can choose to find the colour…if we want to

monarch butterfly

And now for a SHAMELESS bit of self promotion.

The 2013 Bloggies are now open for nominations. Chronicles and I would love your support as we have been nominated in a couple of categories. Scroll down to these categories:

  • Best Australian or New Zealand Weblog
  • Best-Kept Secret Weblog

and pop in

Chronicles of Illusions under nominee

and under URL

If you feel the urge that is. Sadly you have to nominate 3 different unique blogs which means some work on your part. But the more nominations Chronicles gets the more likely to at least be in the finalists.

Read The Rules…before proceeding.

And for a bit of fun and cuteness head over to “Everyone Deserves A Day Off”


    1. Awwww thank you M !!! I really appreciate it a lot. Ummm…you might want to mention this to your followers. Some person may have stuck your address under photography blogs I fear.


        1. I forgot to mention, I need your help. Since I am trying to read more novels from around the world this year I am only reading one Agatha Christie novel this year. I’ll give you a moment to recover. Feeling better? I wanted to ask you which one I should read. Your last suggestion, And Then There Were None knocked my socks off. I didn’t get much sleep until I finished it. Not sure if I should blame you or Christie for that though.


          1. God damn it…the replies keep disappearing. Here we go again.

            Firstly you really don’t give a girl a break.

            1) I have had to take time to recover from an attack of the vapours
            2) You really want me to narrow it down to 1 book…heaven help me.

            Okay…forget Death on the Nile and The Orient Express…only because the films are great, so you can cheat and watch them.

            Many would probably suggest “The Murder of Roger Ackroyd”, and if you perchance can fit in two then go with that…but I think that the one you should pick up is…”Peril at End House”…absolutely brilliant tale. Never saw the end of that one coming !!!!!!!!!


          2. I like your thinking of cheating with the movies. You see, this is why I love your blog–you’re so clever! Peril at End House it is! Thanks so much. And again, I’m sorry about the shock. I’m glad you were able to recover and help out a friend.


  1. How is it I never hear of these things? Or for that matter, get nominated?
    At any rate, check out my blog later today for a ringing endorsement of your greatness, Jo! Just scroll to the bottom, you’re there!


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