Small Stone #17 January 2013

will today be a day
I hide my eyes from life’s harshness
or soothe them within its gentleness

my choice

white duck

For all of you in the UK, check this out for a great FREE photography competition to enter. The grand prize is a trip to Churchill, Canada for an Arctic summer adventure: Been There’s Photo Competition.

There are also monthly prizes for each theme.

You can get a list of the year’s themes at the Been There site.


One more for those of you with London shots: Time Out London has a pretty interesting FREE photography competition.


    1. Go for it Alistair…I wish I lived in the UK for comps like these. Just remember who pointed you in this direction if you win…hehehehehe


  1. Thanks for the heads up about the photo competitions, not that I’ll have any chance but I will forward them to my other half. Love your shot BTW, hard to hide your eyes in such clear water though.


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