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Small Stone #14 January 2013

sleeplessness is a gift

if you want it to be,

for the world has many mysteries

cloaked in the damp black night,

walk gently as you enter

better still…go barefoot

that all your senses can marinate

in its flavours, colours and patterns

where ever you find them


Lucky for this guy I was barefoot and walking gently and felt him before it was too late. This is what photography has brought back to me.

No camera = seeing nothing beyond the slime.

Camera = seeing his beauty, his colour, his patterns.

Oh and FYI – these guys are faster than you think.



34 thoughts on “Small Stone #14 January 2013”

    1. Slug. I was letting the dog out and felt it under my foot luckily. Grabbed the camera instead of screaming [what would have happened before return of photography obsession] and snapped away. Chevvy just wanted to eat the poor thing.


    1. Thanks Brynne. What a lovely thing to say. I can’t comment on your blog anymore. When I click ‘reply’ I get your header coming up instead of the comment box.


    1. It was actually quite pretty Gilly. I came inside to get the bigger camera. I had the point & shoot with me [I know…at night…I’m working on fixing my problems I promise] and when I got back out there the damn thing was gone. Bugger !!!


  1. challenging images jo, i really dont like to step on them because it creates a sticky patch on the sole of my foot that takes enormous effort to scrub off … but yes, they are fascinating creatures!


  2. Good job for this little guy you didn’t walk in your sleep Jo. And our gardens have been full of slugs and snails this year with all the rain. And y the trails they leave yes they sure get around. As my plants well know!
    Hope you are sleeping better and you get some cool nights sleep soon Hugs Sue x


  3. Ew. Definitely ew, especially barefoot. BUT I also see the beauty you’re talking about – neat pattern. πŸ™‚ Hehe I can just picture Chevvy trying to get at it. “Mom! I just HAVE to eat it! Mom! What are you…nooooo, wait, I want to eat it!” lol


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