CBBH Photo Challenge: REFLECTION

Marianne is swanning around my neck of the woods at the moment. I am really hoping to catch up with her as she winds her way north. So for Marianne and all the other REFLECTION bloggers here are mine for the month.

Blue Moon
duck reflection
dog reflection
water reflection
Which leaves me to reflect on two bloggers that you might like to visit. These guys are recent additions to my RSS feeds. Well one I found months ago but lost through a computer crash. Luckily I found her again, You all know how much I love graveyards. This blog is just perfect for graveyard addicts like me – Cemetery Travel: Adventures in Graveyards Around the World

I recently found Jennifer Prestholdt’s blog. She is a human rights lawyer who also takes a mean photo. Her blog, The Human Rights Warrior, will give you a lot to ponder. She has opened my mind to many new things. Not always good things, but things I believe I am better off for knowing.


Now if you want to go a visiting…jump in to the picture with the bunny [be like Alice] and pop over to Marianne’s wonderland of a blog.


  1. Beautiful!! Love the one of the water. Is that the moon shining on it? and…Marianne’s not in Spain??? Oh my ๐Ÿ™‚ I hope you get to meet each other, how fun!


    1. Thanks. Nope it was the sun setting. The water was like molten silver and gold and so pretty. I took some shots and prayed they would work. I hope we meet up too. It would be so great to see her for real, and maybe show her my town.


    2. No, I’ve not been in Spain since mid November, Toby! Went to Australia first, but now I’m on the South Island of New Zealand – heading north towards Jo! Can’t wait to meet her ๐Ÿ™‚

      I did consider posting about my travels, but as my blog is called East of Malaga – I couldn’t think of a way to mix the two without detracting from the Spain part – do you know what I mean? Perhaps I should have had a more general travel blog – and just blogged about Spain when I was at home.


      1. My first reaction was “yep, I know what you mean” and I sorta/kinda had similar thoughts about my blog. I just decided that I could make it what I wanted it to be, for example, my retirement page (that you suggested! and thank you) has nothing to do with travels per se. but it’s sort of related….maybe you could create a page for your travels away from Spain? or not. obviously up to you ๐Ÿ˜‰ Well, anyway, enjoy the rest of your trip!


  2. That first photograph of the moon is spectacular, Jo. Brava!

    Now I’m off to delve into new blogs – this is becoming a really nice source of new blogs to visit, because they’re recommended by bloggers we know … ๐Ÿ™‚


          1. It is. The reflections you captured .. brilliant. I did think the first one a little dark, but the more I looked at it, the more I liked it and the more I thought if it was any lighter, it would have spoiled it.


          2. I thought that as well about the moon one. At first I wished I had caught more light in the shot but as time went on I liked the atmosphere the dark created for me. SO thrilled you think so too.


    1. Thanks…and yes now the links all work. I love this telling bloggers about blogging sites – especially from blogger we know and trust…so cool of Marianne to think of it.


  3. Wonderful reflection pics….my fave is the moon shot!
    And big thanks for the link to the human rights warrior: my daughter is getting her social work degree with an end toward working in human trafficking policy. After a very quick look through your recommendation I passed the site along to her. I guess that proves blog readership grows by word of mouth (screen?)


    1. I love that part of Marianne’s challenge. Especially because the recommendations come from bloggers you know. I have kept going back to a few I have come across through this challenge. So happy to hear you like the moon…it was fun sitting down the end of my road by the estuary to take it.


  4. Love all your beautiful reflections, Jo.

    Your two links are very interesting – I already follow the Cemetery one – and as I adore graveyards too, you’ll have to take me around a juicy one in Tauranga, when I eventually get there!! (Having fun in the Abel Tasman National Park at the moment.) And, Jennifer’s blog is new to me, but she has just gained herself a new follower, too ๐Ÿ™‚

    Great entry to this month’s CBBH Challenge – well done!


    1. I’ll do some research…
      On the way here you should check out some of these places if you can. It all depends on where you find yourself as you tour around.
      1.Pukaha Mount Bruce National Wildlife Centre
      2. In Wellington – Te Papa
      3. National Army Museum
      4. On the East Coast Napier is the art deco town to see. And while you are in the area…the Gannet Colony at Cape Kidnappers is a must.
      5. If in Taupo go to Huka Falls and the Crators of the Moon.
      6. If you go to the West Coast. You HAVE to go to Waitomo Caves. Black water rafting is so much fun – I did it and would love to do it again.
      7.15 minutes from Waitoma Caves is the Otorohanga Kiwi House and Native Bird Park
      8. Paradise Valley Springs is cool. I haven’t done it but they say the Treetops Canopy Walk is amazing. You’d get some great photos up there. At the moment I think they have lion cubs you can pat. I did that with the kids and got as big a thrill as they did I think.
      9. The Tongariro Crossing is said to be amazing Friends of mine have done it. You can do a guided walk, but I think you can just walk it yourself if you want.
      10. A Hobbt fan…then Matamata is the go.
      11. White Island…active volcano – need I say more.

      Then you are in MY territory….hehehehe…be very afraid…


      1. AARRRGGGHHHHH …. runs to hide in the wardrobe!! hehehehe

        How wonderful of you to give me so many suggestions, Jo. I have been to New Zealand before, so have already done Te Papa, Napier (and the nearby wineries) Waitomo caves and Huka Falls – but there are loads of things on your list that we haven’t done – THANKS SO MUCH for taking the trouble to let me know ๐Ÿ™‚ Much appreciated.


        1. Happy to Marianne. I just LOVE showing off my beautiful place on the globe. I have tracked down a couple of cemeteries in Tauranga that might be interesting [need to check ot who is actually buried there]. One is a tiny little one right on the water [had no idea it was there] and…

          The cemetery is thought to contain the remains of about 100 imperial and colonial troops and 14 Mฤori warriors who died while on active service in the Tauranga district during the New Zealand Wars. Fewer than half of the graves are marked with headstones or ground plaques.

          A few more things you can ponder on.

          1. Mataatua, Te Manuka Tutahi If you are staying in Whakatane then maybe try to stay here. I have heard good things but haven’t been here myself: Moanarua Beach Cottage

          2. If you are going to Rotorua here is a great page to check out things to do. I don’t know about them all but…
          Wingspan Birds of Prey Trust is apparently incredible.
          Wai-o-tapu Thermal Wonderland has the Lady Knox Geyser which erupts about 10.15 every day. You need to check on that time becaause of daylight saving.
          Rotorua Museum
          Lake Rotoiti

          Now when you are in MY neck of the woods, there is also a lot to do…

          There are the adventure experiences.
          Swim With Dolphins is – so I have heard – incredible. I really want to do this one myself this year. Hey, maybe we could do it together. Dolphin Seafaris is another company, but with a motor boat not a sailboat.
          Mills Reef Winery has amazing wines. I adore their icewine…so scrummy and a great restaurant.
          BloKart Heaven is supposed to be a lot of fun. But that is just second hand info.
          The Canoe/Kayak Tours are a great way to see New Zealand quietly/and from another angle…lots of different tours to take. The Gloworm Canyon night one is from everyone I have heard…incredible.
          The Elms Mission Station is somewhere to consider. Having a wander…some history, nice gardens, afternoon tea maybe ???

          And on to Katikati
          There is always the Naturist Park…hehehehehe. If you can keep a straight face that is. ๐Ÿ˜‰

          We have our own cemetery which we can check out.

          Waihi Beach is worth checking out.

          Waihi is a cool town quite close. There are Goldmine Tours, you can ride the old railway [I did this with the kids], and of course I have told you before about the Karangahake Gorge and the amazing walk around there. Here is a site with some other things to do in the Gorge. But you should check out “Ohinemuri Estate” !!! This winery/restaurant is in a class of its own. Gets nothing but rave reviews for years.

          So I am done for today…hope you guys are having fun.


  5. gorgeous post jo, i love seeing all the natural images, light on water, the duck …. and i am keen to check out those blogs thank you ๐Ÿ™‚


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