Small Stone #12 January 2013

Tauranga Harbor sunset

a congenial companion to the last

the sun bade me farewell

with a parting gift,

an interchanging tableau

of how to turn out the lights

with style

Tauranga Harbour sunset

Oh and look what I caught while enjoying all of this…

Jo Bryant and snapper


    1. I actually do write a fair bit of poetry Gilly. just lately not a lot has made it on here. Thank you for saying that. It made my morning. It is a snapper and just amazing to eat. My second favourite fish to eat…very yummy.


  1. “how to turn out the lights with style” indeed! Your pictures made me want to step into them and breathe in the sea air. And what a GREAT catch! Woo hooo! Do snappers put up a good fight on the line? Never fished for those before.


    1. They are sneaky. Let the line go as if they are gone until you get them in close. It was sooooooooooo pretty out there that night…so, so pretty.


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