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Small Stone #11 January 2013

Mum and Dad are away for the weekend. In a house where a little fox terrier is growling at her from under the bed, Shiraz is begging me with her beautiful green eyes to explain what she is doing here and why. She misses her German Shepherd buddy and the two cats who play with her.Β  Only Charlie makes her feel at all welcome, I feel useless to ease her confusion. We will go for a walk soon. I hope that makes her feel better.

pit bull


32 thoughts on “Small Stone #11 January 2013”

    1. She has stayed here before. She lives with The Daughter’s best friend and partner, but they have gone away camping. Chevvy is being Chevvy and is very grumpy at sharing her space and her Mum. Jack has deserted the premises and Shiraz is really missing her family. She is such a sweetie. So gentle and willing to do anything you want. Only Charlie is laid back and couldn’t care less.


  1. We are housesitting at the moment in Christchurch, and tonight is our last night before we start heading north. We are off to the airport to pick the family up at 9pm tonight – so we will leave in the morning.

    We have been looking after two lovely little dogs and a cat, whilst their owners have been holidaying in Fiji for a week, but, unlike Shiraz, at least they have been in their own home. I will miss them – and I think they will miss me too πŸ™‚


    1. That was just after she had arrived…she was really unsettled at first. And Chevvy under the bed growling and carrying on didn’t help mch. But they were really well behaved on the walk.


  2. She has a lovely soft face and her coat is a gorgeous colour. Knowing what to do about furry housemates when you go away is a big problem, but I’m sure Shiraz will enjoy your company.


    1. The other dog went to a farm. Shiraz worries sheep though so they didn’t want here out there without them being around. She is very easy going but my animals [Chevvy & Jackie] don’t make her feel very welcome. Jackie took off and only came home after 9 pm when I went out looking for her. Then she growled and hissed when I brought her inside. Chevvy just hangs under the bed behaving like her world is collapsing…such a drama queen !!!!


    1. She is pretty. She goes home later today. I like having her but it does cause a few problems. Chevvy has barely come out from under the bed and Jackle won’t come inside. It will also be nice to get back to normal with my fur babies.


    1. Shiraz was happy to be taken home to Mum and dad and the rest of her family…jack came back, gingerly exploring the house and Chevvy stopped whining. Charlie just looked at them with an expression of: “What was all the fuss about?”


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