Small Stone #10 January 2013

“Ohhhh look another one, she’s stopping.”

“Do they think we can’t see them staring?”

“What’s that thing in front of her face?”

“Some sort of…what do they call it..?”

“I know, I know a kaleidoscope…look we’re upside down in the sticky outey bit.”

“What would you know? There’s only one of us in there…that’s not a kaliedoscope.”

“Well…what is it then if you’re so smart?”

“It’s a crystal ball. I’ve heard the girl who dusts us talk about things like that.”

“A crystal ball. Funny looking ball.”

“They’re not ball balls you idiot…”

“What are they then?”

“Well they predict the future, see.”

“Ohhhhh…yeah. Blimey, we’re screwed then…”

“Yeah, the whole world is going topsy-turvy…and us with it.

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    1. Is that what I am…hehehe
      It wasn’t me. They just kept going on…you should have heard the rest of the conversation when the guy with the big belly stood next to me.


  1. Love this Jo, I own a Crystal ball too.. but was never able to see into its future by looking in it.. LOL.. But I do link into those quiet thoughts and glimpses are shown when needed..
    Love your Cat and Mouse Jo… πŸ™‚


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