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Travel Theme: Multiples


Succulent B & WAilsa’s Travel Theme: Multiples


45 thoughts on “Travel Theme: Multiples”

    1. Nope – not a macro. Just a regular shot. It is a cool plant so I couldn’t not try and take a photo of it. And Gilly will probably tell me off for NOT knowing what it is..but again…it is NOT my plant.


  1. Okay. I simply had to go try and find out what kind of plant it is. I think Gilly is right and it is either a Yucca baccata, Yucca filifera or an agave filifera. The spikes look pretty thin, so it’s probably one of the yuccas. I did learn that those little white squiggly things are called filifers. πŸ™‚ Filifer filifer filifer – fun to say lol. So hey, I learned something new. Thanks, Jo!


      1. But…but…We don’t have many Yuccas around here, due to our climate in winter (although there are a few here and there) and the only agaves I have ever seen are on the interwebs. But I’ll see if I can find out for sure for you.


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