Small Stone #4 January 2013

Water slapping the side of the boat, line tight with emerald green and golden brown weed, my lips curl knowing there are some things you just need to catch with your eyes.

flying black swansjan13badgesmall

You can click on the badge to get information about the Mindful Writing Challenge and there is a Writing Our Way Home Facebook page where you can link to your posts, post your small stones and look at other small stones. I joined yesterday. Hop over and have a look.


Thanks Gilly for the inspiration.


  1. oh so true, is the idea ‘things we have to see with our own eyes’. They make life worth it despite all that makes at time hard. I am not sure why, this image, your words, transported me back to those lines in the Who’s rock opera ‘Tommy’……..See me, feel me, touch me, heal me


    1. Your comment on yesterday’s stone about fishing not being ALL about the catching of anything…and what I was thinking of for my stone for today suddenly fell in to place. I bow to your greatness.


        1. I may just hug you to [almost] death when I do get over there one day. Sending cyber {{{hugs}}}across the seas…maybe the swans will carry them for me – what a nice thought. perhaps another ‘small stone’


    1. Not as clear as it should be. It was hard as we were racing in the boat when they took off and the shutter speed was too low…maybe next time I will get a better one.


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