Small Stone #3 January 2013

New Zealand kayaker

slicing through shadow catching colours

creation’s crescendo


Writing Our Way Home has a Facebook page where you can link to your posts, post your small stones and look at other small stones. I joined today. Hop over and have a look.


    1. I just wrote a reply to you – then deleted it. I realised that it is tomorrows ‘small stone’…see how much of an inspiration you are dear Gilly.


        1. Oh goodie !!!! Go to my #5 Stone page and follow the ‘2’ links under the badge. One is a new group just to post your stones and you can link to your blog as well. Both good places to revive your blog if you want.


    1. I do lately. Though maybe not for a while. Eye damage. Not sure what caused it but having trouble going in to anywhere light. Should be all good by Wednesday…apparently corneas heal quickly, but I spent the most of last night at A & E…not fun.


      1. ooooh, maybe looking at the lens too long, or straight the sun? just maybe. I hate anything that deals with dealing with my eye … poking it, touching it, examining it … I hate going to eye doctor as much as going to the dentist.


        1. It wasn’t a lot of fun last night that is for sure…but they are better today. Instead of feeling like someone put chilli powder in them they just feel a bit gritty…


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