Small Stone #2 January 2013

agapanthaone opening at a time they push to the sun

I taste the return of summer in their soft lavender stretching



    1. It is an annual event Georgia. If you click on the Mindful Challenge badge it will take you to the site where it started and tell you all about it. For the month of January they ask you to carry a notebook and notice things around you – then write what is called a ‘small stone’ about it.


    1. Thanks Gilly. You don’t have to be soulful silly girl !!! I read a really good one on her examples page…well lots of good ones and they weren’t all soulful.


      1. Haven`t really the time now to take on extra blogging projects. Ill still be doing the weekly photo challenge and Ailsa`s travel theme, but that`s it for now. When I return to being a lovely housewife in the mountains of Sardinia, Ill think about it. 🙂


  1. Ohhhh, summer. I miss it! This flower is precious. Stone #2 YAY! I am so tempted but I can’t even keep up with reading and commenting. I do more of that than blogging! Boo and blah!


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