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Small Stone #1 January 2013

Duck's eye

in his eye I see myself backwards

and know the truth of it



37 thoughts on “Small Stone #1 January 2013”

    1. Thanks !! Happy New Year to you and my wish for 2013 is that it be everyhthng you need it to be. So glad you are joining in…whether you stay the course or not doesn’t matter. Although doing it does make you feel good. It is just fun and a great way to notice the things around you for the month.


    1. It is good discipline for me to get back in to my poetry…and i like how it really makes you think about a moment when you are in it. But sometimes it is hard to find those words to share it – hopefully i will at least get a few right. Thanks Gemma. Your support means a lot to me on here.


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